E3 and Me...Day 2 in LA!

The super mess by CuteGeekCom.On day 2 I woke up sore, I forgot to let you all know I am pretty sure I sprained my foot.  I was limping all through E3 and like a dummy I walked around on it. So day two was a late start (my nick name was gimpay)  but we headed off to the convention center for our first meeting.  Check out one of the displays in front of the convention center, this year truly had some creative outdoor displays and games. Our first meeting was with Logitech and the first thing I tried was the Logitech® Wireless Guitar Controller and though I am not a Guitar Hero pro and never play the guitar I loved how this instrument played.  It seemed more authentic especially since the neck is real wood. It has a wireless range of up to 30 feet and virtually silent controls, NICE! Logitech GuitarMy most favorite thing I first tested out on day 2 is not yet released  from Logitech and I cannot give any information on it YET. What I can tell you is it MADE my E3 experience; I fell in love with it and didn't want to leave after seeing this! I had a perma grin for hours and Radiris had to literally drag me out of the room!! Keep on reading my blog b/c I am hell bent on testing this out and telling you how AMAZING Logitech is! Love love love it! It may have resolved so many gaming issues I had in the past regarding my neighbors!

 g940HOWEVER I am able to discuss the Logitech G940 Flight System which is AMAZING! Here is the live DEMO from E3! One of my dearest friends flew in the war and also is a pilot now for a major airline so I have so much more interest in this! And yes she is a female pilot; did I just get cool points by association?

So the force feedback effects allow you to feel its movement as well as its reaction to wind shear, buffeting, turbulence, and g-forces. It controls multi-engine aircraft using the two 8-way hat switches or you can lock the levers when you need to operate your engines in sync. It also has true-to-life rudder control, which is needed when performing defensive maneuvers and crosswind landings, or piloting helicopters.The interactive buttons help control and illuminate red, green, amber, or off to indicate the status of critical aircraft systems—gear up, flaps down, and etc.

v220We also checked out at some Logitech mice.  One model was the V220 which is in a variety of limited-edition patterns and colors; priced at $29.99.

Next we went to City Interactive to test out some new games and my first one to demo was Chronicles Of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple on DS and I have to be frank this game on a plane is Perfect!  We next tested out Chronicles of Mystery: The Three of Life on the PC and Redneck Chicken Riot on Wii; both very cool interactive games.  The ghosts in Redneck Chicken Riot were funny and spooky all at once!

Nice!! by CuteGeekComNext we went to the MTV booth again; being a child of the 80's I honestly cannot get enough MTV! But one of the most thrilling of my E3 experience is PLAYING THE DRUMS FOR THE BEATLES ROCKBAND!! Check out the all chic Beatles Rockband youtube video, I am rockin the drums!  At home I have the standard 4 pod rockband drums but I was up for the challenge and even played on medium first time around. Self hug b/c I rocked it and it was cool to have all chicks the first time! This game is a perfect party game, I should know...I love to throw parties! Nina jammin on Rockband Beatles Drums!

I then ventured over to the PSP Rockband demo...not only do I now need to get rockband Beatles...now it's a PSP! Michael told me I looked like a huge dork jamming under the PSP Demo pods b/c noone can hear what you are playing! I imagine this is what I will look like once I get this device and you see me on the streets nodding my head with maybe bust out a little dance move...movin' here and there...who knows! I loved hearing my Rockband songs and being able to play portable was amazing. I want this toy! My birthday is coming up...any takers?! ANYONE?! Its the first of many big 29's!  (I can't believe I am admiting this to you all, I was told no women should reveil their age but I think 29 is a big deal or party...ok back to E3)

xfireOne thing that made me curious was Xfire.com. Myself being new to gaming besides PS3 the entire explosion of this really cool website/ software Xfire is astonishing. Basically its similiar to facebook's social media but gaming ONLY instead and also you can create "clans (ie: communities)". The site has 13.5 million members all over the country! WOW!  We met with the VP of Marketing who was ultra cool (plus uber cute) and he was completely in tune with his audience; he gave us the entire back story. Ideally this site is for those who do online interactive gaming. It has so many short cut tools to continue gaming without even leaving the game! Including and not limited to Chat rooms, voice recording, video broadcasting, web browsing and etc. Also this whole creating clans is a fantastic creation!! Kuddos to you guys! In fact us cutgeek girls will be creating a xfire clan for all you gamers to follow us super cute geeks...I feel like I just became cool even though I am a GEEK! In fact we may even do a demo on building our own little clan and xfire profile.

Overall I had a blast at E3!  I feel like I saw some of the coolest shazza (yeah I said it...shazza) on day 2 and cannot wait to test out some of these amazing products!