Green Day Comes Exclusively To Rock Band

Today MTV Games' Harmonix Music Systems announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Records and Green Day  to bring the music of Green Day, exclusively to Rock Band ®.  See Press Release Here!  The first songs that you can download are a three-pack of songs of their Album; 21st Century Breakdown on July 7th including:  21 Guns, Know Your Enemy, East Jesus Nowhere.  Additional Green Day songs and projects will be announced at a later date.

If it is not obvious I am the Rockbander of the and I am excited about this new release of Green Day coming to Rockband.  I wanted to be a rocker or punk rocker since I was a child of the 80s.  Unfortunately I lack the talent to play the real drums (sad face) Rockband drums!  Everyone saw how I killed it at E3 on the drums  right? (not so much on the singing, I use to be able to no idea what happened...opps!)

So MTV and Harmonix are just going crazy on these new releases of Rockband games and everyday I hope when I open my inbox there is a new release of something fun and I get...well...gitty like I was 7 years old again...what will I get?  Another Rockband alert...oh boy...oh boy!

This actually comes at the perfect time so thank you MTV/ Harmonix/ Warner Brothers and Green Day! I have a very important birthday coming up that I may repeat for several years to come and nothing makes my heart a flutter more then new Rockband songs!  BTW I celebrate my b-day for a month so...July 7th isn't too far off.  THOUGH shout out to my pals at MTV/ Harmonix that if they want me to preview it, I would be the happiest birthday girl! :-) hehe