Thinner for a Scale Name? What tha?

thinnerWhile the lovely Radiris and I were at E3 we shared a hotel room...boys please focus there were no pillow fights involved.  So as we are getting ready together I look down at the scale; now I am legally blind but did my eyes just see the scale's name is Thinner? What kind of subliminal message is this scale telling us women especially teenage girls? So I looked over at Radiris and said; "Really?! Do I need a scale telling me to be thinner?! I mean if I am weighing myself its probably cause my pants do not fit or I am bloated."  Granted I was a bit cranky as I am not all that happy about traveling or with my broken foot which seemed to drag me down (not to mention almost falling 10 times) but damn...Thinner...I wonder who thought of that brand marketing? Is it me or should it be named something more PC?! I suggest Healthy and Lovely!