E3 and Me! Day 1 in LA!

The Cute Geeks! (2) by CuteGeekCom.This year was my first experience actually attending E3. I had planned it for others before but never attended until now! As I walked into the LA convention center I was blown away immediately with a HUGE Pepsi Rockband stage with fellow rockbander rocking away, check out the video here!  I then walked into the south hall with my cutegeek partner in crime Radiris and I was AMAZED as you can see in my video here you can listen to my excitement plus see my girl! My first observation, this was not like CES at all. There were so many women gamers and women executives at E3; I loved it! I believe women gamers truly showed themselves at E3 especially with Rockband, Guitar Hero, Wii Fit, Dance Revolution and Disney.  Of course we had some booth babes in gamer costumes; but I frankly thought they looked GREAT!

Actresses by CuteGeekCom.

Our first stop was Disney Interactive Studios and I had a feeling Radiris would be in heaven! The Toy Story Mania game was fun check out Michael from Hardwaregeeks and I playing one of 25 games on this video. The Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show (PSP), G-Force (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) and Disney Sing It: Pop Hits (Wii, PS3)was fun as well! Oh and yes Radiris and I sang along with Sing it which also has vocal lessons as part of the game as well...How Cool!  Gforce was also a fun game to watch; check out Radiris in her GForce Demo...I think she rocked it!  See more toy story demo here!

Nina & Mike compete! by CuteGeekCom

My next stop and I was so excited Riiflex for Wii , check it out the awesome demo of Riiflex! Basically its 2 and 4 pound actual weights for your Wii wand and nun-chucks plus an interactive work out video which is intense as you see in the demo.


What I found amazing is that you cannot slack on this game, you have to work out and hard. Apparently the reason this product was developed was due to an executive whose wife loved WiiFit but needed a new challenge and a change to her workout routine! And Taaa Daaa...I think the husband majorly delivered. This product rocks and hope to test it out once its released.

The super cute display by CuteGeekCom.

Next and one of my favorite's was the Beatles Demo! First off well done Harmonix and MTV the Abby Road House replica as the booth was amazing! We then walked into a theatre where we had a live demo of Rockband using all instruments. I have to be honest Harmonix, your employees love their job after seeing this demo!!

 The MTV/Harmonix Team by CuteGeekCom.

So what's so cool? First off you get to vocally harmonize with other players. Second the new Beatle's drums rock! Third they created the game so that if you are a beginner you will not fail out. How many times do you have a party, bust out rockband and you have to restart b/c apparently your friends aren't gamers like you. Which is cool but I want to get through a song dang it!

 Los Beatles by CuteGeekCom.

This is the fun part to read so listen up! I got to DEMO it! OH yeah baby! First on day one all I did was I sing. I am a former singer but I hate singing, however to the Beatles, I loved it! It brought me back to a simple time in life!!!

Our rockstar! by CuteGeekCom.

So I missed the Alienware demo due to schedule conflicts (us cutegeeks cannot be everywhere all at once) BUT kudos Alienware, your booth rocked! Being a former Dell employee and into convention/event planning I loved what they did; two story booth, amazing gamer lights, modern/ sexy looking and a live DJ. Plus they had super official secret service Alienware agents! I also had the lovely opportunity to run into some old Dell friends from my past; always great!

Alienware's Secret Service by CuteGeekCom.

Our next stop was Gamersfirst which is range of multi player online games as well as rich community features. I must be honest the dude who first gave me the demo bored the crap out of me, seriously I don't care how to create a profile b/c guess what I already can figure that out dude (um not that hard).  I wanted to play and after this demo I was already looking around for new things to look at. Finally!  We meet a young marketing women of Gamersfirst (love it) who enlightened us on their products and how cool their games are.  She truly made me want to look more into their products and she was interested in social media! She related more to the female aspect of gaming and I admire their booth for that.

Nina bored by CuteGeekCom

On a personal level I met up with a new friend at Rivera Restaurant in DT La which was an amazing hot spot. I had no idea DT LA was revamping itself!  After such I met one of my greatest pals from high school ten years later (I didn't make it to my HS reunion) also in DT LA.  After drinks at a Whiskey bar...we had breakfast for dinner (love it) at Pantry Cafe where I swear to gawd the waiter was George Costanza's dad.