The Palm Pre Event

I attended Sprint’s Pre-launch party on a whim – Mike from got the invite but he couldn’t make it because he was out of town so he put me on the list. I’m glad he did. The event was real laid back, but still had that red carpet feel. Nice carpets out front, security, men in black, hot ladies walking around with hors d'oeuvres, and like most cool events some celebrities.

The Good The Sprint reps were extremely helpful and the first person I chatted with ended up being the store manager. Chatting with the store manager is like chatting with a secretary when you go for your huge Wall Street interview. They usually know the most, but unless asked, won’t tell you anything.

Uy Lam and I talked about the Pre, while I put my things away, and it went something like this:

“So what do you think? Are you going to upgrade your phone?’ – Me “Well, I’m not sure yet. I’m impressed, the phone is amazing, but I’m a skeptic. I want to see if it ends up having a bunch of flaws and I’m so used to the Windows operating system.” – Uy “As am I! I read so much about it, that now I just want to get my hands on it” – Me “I know the phone in and out, and it’s really great. It’s better than an iPhone for so many reasons. Let me show you why…” – Uy

At first I tried messing with it, and then he volunteered to show me the works, since he knew the phone really well. He showed me his favorite functionalities – synergy, consolidated calendars, apple-like features (when it comes to having multiple programs open), being able to back up whatever goodies you have on your phone (on Palm’s server, so you have to agree to having all of your information saved before actually doing it) and also being able to whip out your phone from whatever personal data it may have, remotely, in the case where you lose it.

I recorded most of what he told me, but realize, he is the store manager, so we got interrupted a couple of times (also, I didn’t record his face because I forgot to ask him before I started – this is all still very new to me).

I also spoke to current ‘upgraders’ and asked them why they bought the Pre, and one woman, Sonia, told me she was a current Palm phone owner and just loved their operating system. I got her on video and when I asked her about her thoughts on some of its downfalls, she pretty much said it was something she didn’t focus on because what may please one person, may not please all. It’s a good way of thinking, and many of us don’t put it to use. We usually try to find the flaws, or the areas of improvement, when we should just try to enjoy the damn thing. Sometimes, if they’re not brought to our attention by someone else, we would never find out about them, so if you’re going to upgrade to a Pre, don’t listen to bad reviews, figure them out yourself.

The two celebrities were two great New York Jets/Giants football players (I’m a fan, but I had to text a couple of people before realizing who they were)…Leon Washington and Brandon Jacobs were at the event and were very approachable. Leon and I talked about the Pre for a while, because even he said he was considering becoming a Sprint customer. We played with the phone together, and I tried to act like an expert by pretty much telling him everything Uy had told me minutes before. The one thing I told him was that it wasn’t able to be used as a modem, not even Bluetooth, something even he wasn’t too happy about (come on Palm – why didn’t ya’ll think of this!).

Celebrity Athlete

Brandon Jacobs and I spoke about gaming. I used a Kodak HD camera to take pics and videos at the event so it was also something else that came up in conversation. I got autographs and pics, or videos with the gentlemen. One fun fact that Leon told someone was that him and Brandon play the same position but that he’s the shortest player in the NFL. Height really isn’t everything, we took a pic, but I had 5 inchers on so he’s really taller than me.

In the end, I left with a smile on my face. The last time I went into a Sprint store it was to complain about one of my phones not working. Today, I was shown a new side of Sprint, and the hopes of it becoming a better service provider. Mike Brito, a Sprint rep, almost convinced me into getting the Pre and a broadband card but I kept on telling myself no…he did a great job, but I need to minimize my gadget consumption. The cutie also let me take a pic of him and the Pre.

Showcasing the Palm Pre

Good job Sprint – it was a nice event.