The Palm Pre

Tonight I attended Sprint’s Pre-launch Party at their flagship store in NYC (thanks Mike for the hookup) and I was in awe before I even arrived.The Sexy Pre The event started at 6 pm and I, of course, didn’t leave my (one hour away) apartment until 6 pm (it was raining – I hate the rain, and when it rains nothing fits.) Anyway, during my visit to LA I was awoken a couple of mornings by text messages from my brother – another Sprint user. He texted me a couple of NY Times articles that I should probably read, and then to tell me he tried calling Sprint about the Pre and he was pissed because no one gave him answers. He’s not the type to buy any 1st generation phone, but right before I got on my lovely steel horse, I called him up and I could hear it in his voice – he was a believer. An anxious believer, that couldn’t wait to get his hands on a Pre. I started thinking about what all the hoopla is about and then it hit me – the demise of the iPhone! I’m not an Apple hater, but I am a little dissatisfied when in the presence of Apple followers who would probably eat iPod cereal, if available. It’s almost like a religion, and no, its not me hating – I swear – it’s me not really liking it.

I, of course, have never owned an iPhone but my friends have and many still do. I occasionally text on their iPhones and the one thing that kills me is the whole ‘tapping on the screen’. I even hate doing it with a stylus on my current phone so I doubt I’ll ever make the jump to a full touch screen – it’s just not me. How the freak would I be able to walk and text with that? It almost seems impossible. I often hear complaints about people texting one thing, and realizing some mumbo jumbo appeared. As a perfectionist, will varying degrees of patience, something like that won’t make the cut.

So the Pre is sexy. It’s super cute, slides, provides a full QWERTY keyboard (according to the NY Times – its keys are smaller – ‘thumbalina-size' (how cute is that - thanks NY Times for that reference) but gets the job done. I tried typing, the weird way that I do because of my hitch hikers thumb trait and I still mastered it. I didn't even have to look.

I’ve never been one to actually listen to music on my phone, but after reading that the Pre will connect to computers and appear as an ‘iPod’ in iTunes I figure I should probably just put my working out music on it, to minimize the junk I take with me when running.

Many of iPhone’s downfalls have said to have been resolved with the Pre, but we all have to see it to believe it, right? I do, I’m a skeptic. Always was, and always will be.

Will it in fact look at hot as it does on TV? Will the software be better? Will the keys be big enough for both sexes – or will it only appeal to the tiny fingertips? Will there be cases that I actually end up using, or will they all be big, bulky, pink and glittery? I hope not. Will we all start carrying extra batteries to compensate for its battery life? Will our phones now become our everything?

We shall see…

It doesn’t have half as many apps as iPhones but I don’t see this being a problem. I don’t want ‘Yo Momma jokes’ on my phone, probably only Facebook mobile and maybe Myspace, although it’s gotten old.

The phone has a separate battery charger (retailed at $69.99) that charges the phone when it’s placed on it. It seems like a cool charger to place in your car, to avoid having your phone fly from one side to another – unless you don’t drive like me.

Sprint – I almost signed up for another two years of service – almost. The main issue I had with the Pre is that it does not have the Phone as Modem capability. I worked the room to see if most new phones also lacked this feature, but I quickly found out it wasn’t a trend. I’m hoping future generations of the Palm’s Pre have it though – then I’ll upgrade.