Girl Geek Dinners

I signed up for a Girl Geek Dinner in March, in NYC and due to weather delays was not able to partake in it. I was bummed. A Google exec facilitated the dinner and everyone got a cute Google mug (who doesn’t love a mug??). girl-geek-dinner

Girl Geek Dinners are an organization that strive to connect women with similar interests. It’s networking on steroids. It’s more than just meeting women, but actually building a support system of like-minded superstars. It’s motivating and helps develop pride about being a girl geek! Did I do too much? Maybe. Probably not though.

I don’t ever recall when it was ever cool to be a nerd, a geek, a rocket scientist, etc…and now, it is. Groups like this make it cool.

If you’re interested in joining, or finding one in a city near you – look them up on Facebook, or go to their main site (or start one)

The topics they discuss vary (in technology and science), and men, yes, you are invited – but only if you’re accompanying a Girl Geek :)

Check out a video from their Premier Event in NYC.