Cisco – Going from our homes, to our pockets…

We all know Cisco is one of the ‘global big dogs’ in the networking space. They have superb technology and are always working towards improving or innovating how we “connect, communicate and collaborate”. Well Cisco is making sure they stay on top of their game by listening and responding to the increase in social networking occurring throughout the world. On May 21st Cisco closed the deal with Pure Digital Technologies Inc. and acquired the company in charged of the latest HD video craze to hit the streets. Pure Digital, based out of San Francisco, is the brains behind the extremely user-friendly video recorders brand of Flip Video™.
This acquisition marks Cisco’s strategy of becoming more than just a household name. They are now going from being in our homes, to being in our purses and pockets. We’ve all heard about or actually own their routers and now we’ll have them at the tips of our fingertips.

I’m particularly psyched about this acquisition because both companies’ strengths, when combined, can facilitate Cisco’s expansion in the consumer market. The Flips have already obtained mass-appeal and provide HD quality videos to its users and Cisco – well, it’s Cisco, I don’t need to say much about their great reputation. The Mino Flips were also developed by an alum (Jonathan Kaplan) from my alma matar, Carnegie Mellon University. Woohoo -- go Tartans!!!

Cisco has been working diligently to obtain more of the consumer market and will now be able to widen the communication capabilities it currently has. Besides being a leader in networking technologies, Cisco will now build presence in the social networking realm of things by allowing each of its future Flip Video users to stay connected to their circles. With this move, Cisco’s Consumer Business Group will welcome the Pure Digital team.

Congrats Pure Digital for joining Cisco’s Consumer Business Group & Congrats Cisco for making such a smart move!

Flip Video

This is Mike's Flip Video...superrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute!