I love my HP IPAQ 910!

Yeah yeah I know this isn't a new product but I love my HP Ipaq 910 Business Messenger!  Actually after seeing my friend throw a fit the entire weekend and threatening to throw a phone out the window (will not mention brand but its apparently everything but a phone);  I sat there content with my phone.  Yes my phone may have minor problems like its not loud enough over my hip hop music and that may be a user error.  Also, call me crazy but I kinda like listening to my ringer and tend to miss calls while looking at my phone dancing along to the ring tone.  I also do this in my condo's elevators and have a good idea that security is cracking up at me.  Here is the deal, I love buttons and I love touch screen; to dial with no buttons is just something my fingers cannot understand. Also this pocket PC has 3G wireless technology.  Plus I love that the screen is 2.46-inch transmissive TFT 65,000 color 320 x 240 pixel touch panel display with LED backlight.  Furthermore Window's Mobile 6.1 plus all other software included is great and I can tweet and facebook so much faster!  Did I mention I have 4 different email accounts set up on my phone...that truly makes life convenient.  The camera on the phone to me is impressive with 3 Megapixel, CMOS sensor, auto focus, and 4X digital zoom.

In a land of your butt is calling I have to say to check this phone out...its perfect for those like me that need buttons and a touch screen but also locks. Its light and small but also has very clean lines!