HP is updating their mini portfolio :)

After listening to the latest changes being made to the line of minis, I've decided to finally go out and purchase one. I need one. I need a companion PC to allow me to function when I'm on the road without solely depending on my work laptop. Last week my work laptop got invaded by coodies and left me computer-less for the weekend. Despite enjoying the beautiful NYC weather, holiday BBQs and great sales - I was a lot less productive than I had hoped to be. Not a great look for a multitasker…hp-mini-110_pink-chic Back to the topic at hand...HP has announced three new models that they’re adding to their mini portfolio. The new models provide expanded capabilities, sync functionality, more colors (pink chic & a swirl design in black or white), and more! The HP mini 110 comes in two models; XP Edition and Mobile Internet (Mi) Edition. The Mi Edition is an HP interface, based on linux, which offers users a simplified experience. It is available in all three colors.

The HP 1101 is geared toward business users and offers a hard drive of up to 250 GB. It is available in a high gloss black.

Availability & Price: June 1st – HP Mini 1101 starting @ $329 June 10th – HP 110 XP Edition starting @ $329.00; Mi Edition starting @ $279.99 (color = Black Swirl) July 8th – Pink Chic and White Swirl HP Mini 110; pricing not yet determined (You can order through HP Direct)

10.1 display (also available in HD)

Options and/or added features: Video accelerator that decodes HD (Broadcom crystal HD solution). Decodes 720p and 1080p without jerk (but I have to see it to believe it).

Syncables ™ Desktop solution: You can sync pictures, videos, docs while on the go. This feature provides effortless syncing between mini and primary desktops and/or laptops. • you can download software that you can configure manually each time, or set it up to do it automatically • you can program up to a certain number of devices to sync between devices • enterprise version of syncing software will be enhanced and available at a later date (will be available to everyone)

To recap – for those that do not know – HP minis are: • Small enough to slip into a purse • Start at 2.3 lbs • Measure about an inch • 92% of a regular sized keyboard

They all contain a: • Webcam • 10.1 display • VGA port (new to consumer line) – which allows you to extend to an external monitor • 5.1 media slot • Intel atom n270 or n280

The purpose of mini computers is to provide an affordable, compact companion to bigger, more powerful PCs. Stay light, stay right! Look into buying a mini if you think you’re current PC is too big, bulky, heavy, ugly, etc. If you need more reasons to buy a mini email me – I’ve convinced myself that it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in my life!