“Rock Band® Track Pack™ Classic Rock” Available Now Nationwide

If its not obvious I love Rockband so check it out fellow rockers,  MTV and Harmonix just released the Rockband Track pack Classic Rock nationwide!  The new game is only 29.99 and has 20 songs from artists such as The Who, Rush, Boston, Police, Steve Miller Band, George Thorogood and more! I am always excited about new songs, how many times do you do a mystery set list and then there it is...your heart drops.  The same song you have been playing since you started the game and in your mind you think "Oh no, not again...I can't do it...I can't play this song...crap I can't abort the game then I will loose fans!"  Then you feel guilt, I use to love this band and if I hear this song again I may jump out my window.  Unhappily you play that song while attempting to figure out how remove the song forever...well maybe I am a bit over dramatic...

So bring on more songs for the rockers who need to be constantly stimulated Rockband

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