Move over tiny netbooks, mini desktops are on their way!

Cute geeks meet meet some cute geeks... fit-pc2

You have now been introduced to the smallest PC in the whole wide world... These nettops (new term for me), created by CompuLab, will soon become available for pre-order. There are four configurations that you can choose from and the prices range between $250-400. It's obviously not thinner than a CD, but its smaller than one. All configurations will contain an Intel Atom processor, 1GB DDR2, miniSD socket, high quality sound, and a HDMI output.

I read a little more into the specs and this PC is fanless, dissipitates its own heat, has no moving parts, and is very energy efficient.

Gracias for putting us all on to the latest and smallest, I mean greatest tech to hit the streets.

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