Why do women bully each other more than they bully men?

katherine-streeter-ny-times(Image created by Katherine Streeter, as seen in the article linked below)

The NY Times had an article this week, “Backlash: Women Bullying Women at Work” (sent to me by more than one male friend – go figure), and it brings up many good points regarding the treatment of women, by women, at the workplace. It exhibits what could happen if this negativity didn’t exist. If women didn’t hinder the growth of other women in the workplace there would probably be an increase in the number of successful women. Have we forgotten that men are our ultimate enemy and that they still make up most upper management in companies? Ok, I’m kidding about them being the enemy, but the second part is true. Look around you – it’s true.

We’ve fought for our rights, united, written books, done so much to obtain what we have – yet we still bash the women around us. We want equal rights, equal treatment, yet we are the ones that treat each other the worst.


Are we threatened by each other? Are we in a constant battle? Are we acting too emotional – as expected by our male counterparts? Why can’t we all just get along and act like one united team of women, working towards a common goal.

It may me due to the fact that we live in an individualistic society - where we are rated, ranked and evaluated on our own performances, results, etc. but that isn’t a good enough reason to hold back the progress of ALL women – yours and mine!

Ladies, on the count of three, let's stop being mean and start supporting one another...You ready?