Review: The “T-Fitness Pro Pack” for the Nintendo Wii Fit

I am a Wii-a-holic as my brother, Michael, from calls me. I use my Wii daily, specifically the Wii Fit, which along with a healthy diet, has helped me lose 23 pounds in the last six months. I’ve been doing it for so long that now I feel like it’s too easy. Luckily for me, my brother recently gave me the T-Fitness Pro Pack . It’s an interesting product. It has everything I needed for my Wii Board and more. My favorite accessory was the rechargeable battery for the Wii board. The current trend is ‘going green’ and saving money, exactly what the rechargeable battery will allow me to accomplish. This was the first and best part of the package.

mini-tfitnesspackproaccessories1The package also included a yoga mat, which I found helpful during “training” sessions. It’s just the right length and it forces you to center your body. The bright green color can be distracting during strength training so I recommend putting some tape to allow your eyes to focus on when looking down. A logo of some sort would do the trick as well though (hint, hint designers of the T-Fitness Pro Pack).

Wrist and ankle weights were the other additions that provided another dimension to my workout – a much needed change. The weights made the workouts feel completely new and made me a bit sore the next day. Don’t forget to take the weights off during your weight-in or you’ll be very disappointed.

I enjoyed using the product and most of what came along in the package, but there were two items that left me a bit dissatisfied. An exceptionally short lanyard is included, and off the back, looks like it can pose a choking hazard. Secondly, a cleaning cloth is included. I liked that part, except the cleaning cloth, if meant to clean the Wii Board is extremely too little. The only thing you can possibly clean with it would be your glasses.

The most hilarious and ridiculous item included in this package is the headband. I wonder if the designers laughed at the image of us looking like Richard Simmons replicas, when including them in the T-Fitness Pro Pack. Who actually wears the headband while working out in their home? Instead of the cleaning cloth they should have sent some short-shorts and a striped tank top.

It does come with a carrying case for your Wii Board which is cool because my friends and I sometimes meet up at one of our places to work out together.

The T-Fitness Pro Pack is a great product, but I think they were gearing it more towards kids, although I will continue to use it and recommend it to my friends.

The Pro Pack is available at various retailers both online and off, and costs about $40 at