Everybodysafe.com and you may need it!

I recently met the co-founder/ co- president of Everybodysafe.com.  This is an emergency alert website that is perfect for singles, frequent travelers or college students that are away from their family and friends! Everybodysafe.com is the only system that works with 411 and 911 plus uses email, text messaging and phone calls to make sure that everyone will be informed. The instructions seemed easy enough; basically potential clients can contact them two simple ways: via their website or by calling 800-399-0295. 

First hand I know this system is needed especially when you are in college, travel frequently, away from home or single!   I somehow found myself in the ER 3 times in college and this would have been handy! Instead everyone was alerted word of mouth. Not very effective considering all my family just lived 1 hour away.


I had the chance to check out the website and what it would be like as a member; I am impressed with the company's website.  All I had to do was quickly add in some contact information and bingo...I am brought to my own personal dashboard where I can input all my emergency contact information along with a photo.  With becoming a member of everybodysafe.com you receive services such as; a system that informs everyone using email, text messaging and phone calls. You will also receive a  hard plastic ID card , multiple ID stickers, and an optional metal ID tag.  How great is that for anyone who travels, is single, a student or just away from family?