Real Reviewers to the Rescue!

Many of us rely on reviews to provide that ‘connection’ we seek when products spark an interest and we almost want to buy. A friend of mine sent me an article this morning highlighting just that. More and more women are depending on the internet to delve a little deeper into their shopping experience, meaning instead of only buying things online, they are actually researching and comparing opinions, prices, etc. before entering that credit card data. Women are using the internet to share tons of information (blogs, pictures, advice, etc.), and the research behind the article show that the participation in these social networking sites/activities are actually influencing the decisions these busy women make in their daily lives. It’s great – this whole internet thing. We realize professional opinions (those certified in this, with a PhD in that) are not always the preferred source. We want the real deal. We want to hear opinions from the true source. We want the writers of the reviews to be like ‘us’, aka normal, everyday users, not necessarily a power user that knows every single specification.

Surprisingly enough, Palm is also striving to get to that ‘source’. If you’re interested in reading more about how Palm is recruiting real reviewers, and are interested in possibly playing with a Palm Pre (for free, with 6 months of data/voice service) click here.