Review: Acoustibuds

31myrcuv9cl__aa280_For those people that are not ear-bud wearers, but still want the noise isolation provided by most, Acoustibuds make earphone adapters that give the same comfort, snugginess and sound that great (noise-isolating) ear buds provide. The earphone adapters significantly increase the sound quality you get from your regular ear phones. I wore them with Apple earphones and they definitely improved the sound quality. I had a coworker of mine also use them during our work day and he was ‘a believer’, asked to buy them off of me, and also said it sounded so much better with them on. The surprising thing is, is that at a first glance all it looks like are weirdly shaped earphone thingies. I say thingies because I didn’t know what they were when I first saw them, but behind that piece of rubber is some well thought out plan of how to make someone’s listening experience a little more amazing than the last time they used their earphones (last time meaning without the adapters).

The design behind it is great. One of the main reasons I tend to dislike using earbuds is because I often find myself having to readjust them, or find myself putting them back on, or too far in, in hopes of it staying securely in my ear. This is always the case whether I’m exercising or about to pass out on a plane. The rings around the Acoustibuds™ enable them to get deep into your ear, without hurting you or causing discomfort. They fit just right (if you find your size that is, because they come in different ones), and tightly so you don’t have to worry about readjusting your earphones during a workout because they fall out for whatever reason.

They’re rubber, so they can easily be cleaned and come in different colors for those versatile types. You can also use these adapters on other gadgets, such as Bluetooth earpieces. Go to the website to get a complete listing of compatible devices.

Lastly, these adapters would be the perfect complement to the latest and greatest iPod shuffle’s headphones. According to a very reliable source, the headphones that currently come with the shuffle are jam-packed with all the new advanced functionality, like the easy-access controls but the sound sucks. Having the controls on the earbud cord make it impossible to switch them up, but if you add these adapters to them you’re set. TA-DA! You’ll have great waves, without having to give up the latest goodies to come with the shuffle.

Acoustibuds™ get awarded the Diamond Award for the month of April/May (we’re combining these months) because of its durability, its versatility, its price (its only $14.99 on and eligible for free shipping & $12.99 at and for optimizing all of its future user’s listening experience.