And the saga pc crashed last night!

As everyone knows who reads this blog (um anyone?!) my PC has been on the decline as posted this week. Well yesterday after pounding away for my day job my PC froze. Now this happens about 5 times a day but this time after several reboots alas it's on its last leg. As of now my pc is running as though it's a turtle on muscle relaxers...and I am now regretting my little minor fit I threw at CES but we can't go back in time! All of my friends are telling me to get an Apple Mac; small problem I have never even used an Apple unless the Oregon trail game counts from elementary school in the mid 80's. So I am wondering how much time will I spend looking at it baffled and confused. I then have had several folks reccommend HP DV2 which is also cool but I work more then 10 hours on my PC and I am blind (try 100 x 100 vision) so I need something bigger then 13 inches and smaller then 15 inches. Ironically only one person has told me to get a Dell or a Lenovo; with so many different brands out there the most reccommended are Apple and HP.

Basically I am still clueless on what to get...HELP geeks and cutegeeks!  So EVERYONE Vote by clicking on the Vote button!

I am a hot mess without my PC:-(