Review: iHarmonix's Platinum ev-Series

dsc004411Sixty-dollars for earphones? That was my first reaction when I checked out iharmonix’s Platinum ev-Series in-ear earphones. I mean, I’ve got tons of earphones sitting around at home and in the office. Don’t they come free with a purchase of an iPod or other MP3 player? Why would I pay that much for earphones? Then I put them on. Ok…you’ve sold me iharmonix. These aren’t just regular earphones that you can get for free or pay less than $10 for. The first thing I noticed when I put them on is that they blocked out quite a bit of noise, even without the music going. Of course, it’s not a BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphone, but it offers a small amount of noise reduction and is much more convenient to carry around than one of those bulky noise cancelling headphones.

After marveling at the peace and quiet around me, I turned on my iPod and began blasting Lady Gaga (this was a week ago when I wasn’t over “Let’s Dance” and “Poker Face”). Audio quality was impressive and the “Super bass” feature the company touts certainly stood out. I really liked the volume control feature in the middle of the earphone cord, which was really convenient.

As for additional technical specs, the earphones feature 11mm drivers, goldplated 3.5mm DC jack, brushed stainless steel casing, and a polished gun metal alloy finish. It also comes with soft ear gels in three sizes.

Instead of just sitting around and listening to music I thought I’d take the earphones with me on a run. I was impressed when a fire truck came whizzing by me, and I realized I had not heard its sirens until it was literally right next to me. I guess that can be a good or bad thing when running around outside. I would not recommend using these headphones while running or exercising based on my experience. While I like the volume control feature, it weighs down the headphones and causes a thudding sound while running, which takes away from the music.

I recommend iharmonix’s Platinum ev-Series earphones as your day-to-day MP3 player, or even laptop, earphone, but not for running and other sports. Sound quality is great, the ear buds are comfortable, and the volume control is a convenient feature.