Help! Nina is in search of a new PC!

It all started at CES this year. There I am in front of the hotel after 3 days of CES boondoggles and I had this jerk of a bell hop making me wait an hour for a car that I clearly could see was not being used. So after being told I should just walk my tootsies down the 3 mile strip; I blew up on him.

Unbelievable! I mean I was in 4 inch heals and seriously what happened to the customer is always right?! So after an hour of waiting plus a theatrical display of dissatisfaction…I threw my tote down. Accident #1!

This then busted my battery open and leaving a nice gaping hole. Accident #2!

Since it was just aesthetic damages I have been still using it BUT NOW I think I have managed to almost crash the hard drive. Accident #3!

I have always been hard on consumer goods; in fact I can always find a way to break something (mostly by accident). BUT DAMN! I managed to bust my PC after only having it less than 9 months!

So now I am on a mission and I need everyone’s participation. Calling all cute geeks and fans let me know what you think I should get.

Below is a list of what I think are critical for a mobile small business owner:
15 inches or less (I want more screen and less bezel as I am blind as a bat; so larger than 12 inches) Optical Drive SD Slot Pro Duo Slot Light in weight Durable (Can I find something I can’t scratch?) Windows OS Touch pad (I cannot deal with point sticks!) 3 or more USB plugs Long lasting battery Camera Personalization No glossy screen

I don’t think I am asking for much…am I? Tell me what NB I should get!