Our First Editor's Choice Award Winner

As the Editor in Chief, I was tasked with reading over all of our product reviews that were eligible for our Editor's Choice Award, and I had to pick a winner. Only one product per month is eligible to win our Editor's Choice award. Only two products were eligible this month, the Sony Webbie HD camera, and the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition (after all we are a new site).

After about a week of contemplating which product should win our March 2009 Editor's Choice Award I came to a decision. The decision wasn't as easy as I had hoped because both products are amazing products, I will most likely end up purchasing both, but only one could be chosen so the award goes to....drumroll in your head...HP's Mini 1000 VT Edition!

img_3929I chose the Mini VT edition because it's cute, stylish, easy to use and always seemed to strike up a conversation where ever I took it. I loved my time with it, and people I know who have seen it and read our review have purchased one or are about to purchase one. I miss it dearly, especially when I want to blog on the go...

Congrats HP - you have won our first Editor's Choice Award!


March 2009