I am in love with Spinvox

A pal of mine asked me to try out Spinvox and immediately I was attracted to the features of this service. Spinvox is a great service you can get on your cell/ smart phone and it converts all voicemails into texts. It then can convert it into email, blogs, walls or space. Convenience is imperative and also needed when running your own small business. I work from home and my phone does get used for emailing and conf. calls; this service is amazing! I am in love with Spinvox! First off who has time to spend 2 hours listening to voice mails these days?! How great is it to get a text of your missed voicemail/ call?! Second is that you can use this with Skype which I use pretty often, especially for international calls (or my podcast). Lastly in the very near future you will be able to get your texts while flying.

I cannot express what a great service Spinvox provides, it honestly makes me wonder...who needs voicemail when you can have Spinvox?! I love you Spinvox.