Review: Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

When I was going away to college in 2003, I purchased a pair of $20 speakers from Radio Shack. I knew I needed to buy something because I like to do everything with music on - clean, homework, shower, etc. I didn't test it out in the store but the representative guaranteed they would be good. They were. They were great actually - the bad part was that they were freaking ugly and had long wires that made them impossible to hide, or blend in with anything in my Winnie the Pooh decorated college dorm.

Times have changed and so has my opinion on sound quality.

I am a fan of good sound and appreciate when it’s around me. My first car had a Bose speaker system (Boy do I miss it!), I always travel with my Links Audio Noise Cancellation headphones and I work out using a pair of wireless Jaybirds (that are ultra comfy and functional). I can recognize good sound which is why I was blown away by Logitech’s Pure-Fi Express Plus speaker dock.

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

Logitech is a common name in homes with computers, webcams, etc, but up until recently I never listened to music through their speakers I received their Pure-Fi Express Plus speaker dock and can say, being the experienced listener that I am, that the brains behind this system went the extra mile.

I'll start with how it looks. It's very sexy. All black. Digital display. Round, silver, shiny volume, right in the middle and it comes with a tiny remote that can easily be stored in the back. The place where the remote is placed in the back can also be used as a handle to convert the dock into a portable one. It came with only one black wire and is very light.

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus 3

It's an iPod dock and an alarm clock. Most iPods and iPhones are compatible with the device, if not through the dock through an input. I was upset that it didn't have the option to listen to the radio because I love doing that, especially 87.7 (Pulse in NYC), but I quickly got over it.

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

I got over it because I was able to set up the time and start listening to my iPod in minutes. I got on my elliptical and started using the remote to test its limits. The sound quality was amazing and the best part was that no matter what way you have the speakers facing, the sound does not change. It is designed to give you a 'surround sound' feel, at least that’s the first thing that came to mind – its mini surround sound-ish. Instead of having the front with that that net-like thingie (i'm not sure what the right terminology is - sowwies), the whole thing is surrounded. Despite it being surrounded, it doesn't feel fragile, or as if you'll poke a hole in it (Remember growing up with those huge speakers with the covers...I definitely poked a couple of holes into my moms...oh well).

The speaker is very light and because I currently don't own a shower radio :( I had it join me in the bathroom a couple of times. It was the best thing ever. I was literally in a club as I washed my hair. For those of you that sing in the bathroom and know that the tiles are what actually make you sound better – they made the speakers sound like a top of the line NYC meatpacking district club.

I used the alarm and despite being a narcoleptic that can sleep through war, I quickly woke up to it. I made sure to place it at least 10 feet away from me, because I have the tendency of smacking or disconnecting anything that attempts to wake me (yes, both electronic and human). I am an extremely heavy sleeper and most noises make me sleep better...this woke me up though. I didn't feel like banging it on a wall though so it wasn't as annoying as you may be thinking now - the sound it uses works. It’s my Monday morning alarm – the most important one I can’t afford to miss because then I miss my flight to work!

For only $99.99 – this speaker is a steal. Although I am a Bose fan, I would recommend buying this instead of their iPod dock. Try it out and you'll see for yourself, the brains behind this definitely worked some overtime. (I tried creating a little demo of it, but it does not exemplify the sound quality of the speakers. They're on display in most Apple Stores I've visited so check them out there if you want to see for yourself. Enjoy the Blair Witch-ish demo.)

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus 2