Review: HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

minivt-digital-clutch1I have toted the wonderful HP mini VT edition Netbook for the last month or so and in the month it has probably traveled more than most Americans. It ventured to Dallas, to Puerto Rico, back to Dallas, to Orlando, back to Dallas, then back to NYC, back to Dallas one more time, and the last stop was NYC before heading back to the lovely offices of HP’s PR firm. It sat in my apartment for 2 weeks before I actually unboxed it, and this wasn’t because I didn’t want to play with it – it was because I was out for the count with the flu and bronchitis. Looking back I should’ve taken advantage of it, because I was literally in bed for those two full weeks, but then again who would’ve watched all that reality television on VH1.

The day before I headed back to work, at around 2 am, I finally decided to open it, I wanted to take it on the road and check out everything it offers. Needless to say, the unboxing was fairly quick, and I managed to get about an hour of sleep before my 4:30 am wake up call (thanks Mami). The mini and I were inseparable once I started using it.

Instead of telling you – I decided to show you what I mean by “inseparable”:

Unboxing at 2 am I unboxed the laptop before my first business trip back to Dallas. I opened the box pretty quickly but I probably spent an hour or so, messing around with the netbook, setting up the wireless and using my phone to tether.



In the airport – 6 am As soon as I managed to get past security on Monday morning, I found one of my coworkers and started showing off HP’s mini. She couldn’t believe it was a laptop, but I quickly turned it on and showed her how it worked. I asked her to take some pics – so check it out. This was the mini’s first trip with its latest user.




Hanging with family in Dallas - evening Later that evening, I went to visit some family in Dallas and my absolutely adorable one year old cousin, Mikaylah Korina Diaz, fell in love with the mini. Once you see the pictures you’ll understand why I couldn’t deny this princess to play with the mini. As soon as I told Mike about the pics, he worried about her possibly drooling on it, but she in fact was using it as if she were a big girl. If you asked me, I think HP got themselves a little model (cough, cough). The pics are beyond ‘awwwws’ and ‘oooohs’ – see for yourself. 



Lunchtime! – noon I grabbed the same coworker, Natasha Timmons, my unofficial photographer and we went to lunch together with the mini. I used it as a clutch and heads were turning where ever we went. Luckily for us, it was a wonderful spring day in Dallas, so it was in the 70s. I was able to hang out outside and use the mini for a while. I also brought it inside a Quiznos and read the NY Daily News as I munched on some nachos…It was a great lunch data – and no I didn’t get the keyboard dirty (and even if I did, its extremely easy to clean, all you need is a damp cloth, preferably lint free).



Puerto Rico – using it all weekend I previously mentioned that the weekend of’s launch, I was in Puerto Rico. I used the mini throughout the whole day but I managed to actually get pictures on Saturday night, the night before the launch. I was chatting with Mike, tying up loose ends until I left to party at the San Juan Hotel. My friends and I decided to have some fun w/ the PC, so watch us showoff it’s ‘clutch like appeal’, it’s small size, my friend Isabel exhibiting it as if she’s a model on the Price is Right, and they even managed to get some action shots of me possibly dancing with it…



Florida On one of its other trips, the mini joined us on a road trip to Tampa from Orlando, to watch Britney Spears in concert. We posted the video that we took, and here’s another that shows us having fun on the road. As we sang, I checked the concert's status because it got delayed.

Matching w/ the mini – 7 am I promise I did not do this on purpose – well no, I lie. I did, but I didn’t buy this dress because of the mini. I purchased this dress long before I had the mini in my possession – but see for yourself, how much of a fashion statement the VT Edition mini can make – I apologize for the ‘myspace shots’. I took the pictures before I went to work early one morning….



I used the HP mini for my everyday activities which include – searching the web, reading news, checking the weather, uploading tons of pictures and videos, posting tons of pictures and videos on, &, emails, chatting, webcaming, viewing videos, listening to music, blogging and online shopping.

I used it at work, at home, in the airport, in the car, on the plane, at lunch, at dinners, outside – everywhere!

The computer was so easy to use. It was actually a huge relief to me because I have been using my work computer for personal use for too long. It was great to have such a light laptop to use. I wasn’t bogged down with work email, so I found the mini to be an extremely pleasant buddy to always have around. I have been lugging both of my laptops around and during my breaks, I whip out the mini and check personal emails, go on – you know, the usual.

The best part was being able to do work on the plane and by work, I mean update my blogs (this one and my personal one) and also to organize my pictures. HP had great timing when they sent me the mini because the website launched March 2nd – during my Puerto Rico trip. I actually went to participate in the World’s Best 10k and wasn’t exactly online during the 8 pm launch, but as soon as I got to my hotel, I was online chatting with Mike. The night before, I was on the mini sending Mike the latest updates to the site and it really, really, truly came in handy. On Sunday evening, I took the mini w/ me to dinner at an Outback Steakhouse and at first I got weird stares – I bet they were thinking I was crazy in my running gear, to be on a laptop at dinner, but sometimes a geeks gotta do what a geeks gotta do. I had my friends yelling when we saw the site! I was ecstatic!

I used the computer a lot, and like I’ve already mentioned, I travel a lot and am often on social networking sites – updating the world on my life. Besides that I know this wonderful mini would be ideal for a bunch of different groups.

I tried brainstorming to identify its potential users so here goes my attempt at marketing. The HP mini 1000 (all editions) would be ideal for users that are looking for something lightweight, yet durable. Despite it’s size the mini does not feel like something that can easily break – I haven’t given it to Nina yet to pass her durability test, but I’m sure it’s as durable as the rest in its class. It’s on the spot wireless access makes it extremely easy to hook up to networks or to use the internet from a cell phone (like me). Men and women can both use the mini because there are not many changes to the keyboard, in regards to its size. The number 1 key on the upper left hand corner is a tad bit smaller but come on, the world goes on. The mouse pad is different and takes some time to get accustomed to, but it is also not that big of a deal. The keyboard is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about small laptops and how uncomfortable it will be to type on them, so let me emphasize that this is not an issue w/ this Netbook. I'm 5'8, have the hands of a basketball player and had no issue transitioning to this laptop from my regular 14.1 screen sized one.

The mini literally fits ANYWHERE. It’s tiny! I carried it in my hand, in my arms like a clutch, in my computer bag, a dozen purses and it always, always, always fit – comfortably at that! I used the webcam a couple of times, and the one thing I missed, from my personal PC was the light that shines on my keyboard – I sometimes used it in bed and I wish the keyboard had it. The brightness of the screen was perfect, it wasn't dull like some notebooks are when they are on battery power.

So far, I’ve showed you this netbook can be used by many people – moms on the go (so that they can use the mini as their baby sleeps – it would easily fit in a diaper bag), athletes that prefer not lugging around more weight on their shoulders, trendsetters (it’s hot – as Paris Hilton as that may sound, the mini is freakin’ super hot and is an attention grabber – no lie!), media tycoons (not your typical CEOs, but the ones that take tons of pics and videos, the SD drive comes in handy), people with desktops could own this as a complement to their system, men can use this as well – the red design is pretty fem, but it also comes in plain black, lastly, I think a child would benefit from it. Its light, small, has great sound (I listened to music a lot!) – I could picture a child on the Cartoon Network’s website playing whatever games they have. So that was a quick brainstorm – I pretty much think everyone needs to have one of these laptops. I may have missed a couple of groups of people, but trust me it wasn’t on purpose. I was just thinking of the people around me, and how they could each use it.

I would recommend the HP mini to the users identified above and also to those looking for a system that will go together with another personal computer. The way I understand the purpose of a netbook, is that it is meant to complement another system. It is not a gaming laptop, or a laptop that can hold large amounts of data. The power and memory are limited, which is why it is so lightweight and smaller in size. Despite its memory, HP has already created external harddrives and also a CD/DVD drive. Users can use it as their one functional PC but you may have to lug around the extras. It does not have an ethernet port, but if you have Bluetooth set up on your phone (and the Phone as Modem feature that some providers have) then you can quickly get online. It has a quick button that turns on the wireless as well.

Saturday night was the last night I used the mini and here’s how it made my life easier. I used my personal laptop to participate in a podcast with Ninalicious, and I used the mini to chat and finalize my Saturday night’s plans. I was on aim, used my webcam, and streamed music from after getting off the podcast – it made the ‘getting glammed up’ experience a lot cooler and I think I even convinced my mejorcita (bestest gal pal in the world) to buy one. We all want one…I’m serious.

To sum it up, the HP mini 1000 VT Edition is a remarkable - here’s why:



HP’s mini 1000 VT Edition is being awarded the Diamond Award for the month of March because of all the awesomeness that it oozed in my life. It was a pleasure taking it around the country, using it every chance I got, and actually explaining to others how it worked. It gained a lot of exposure by just hanging out on my desk at work because it is one sexy piece of thang. I even think it helped me get some extra attention – so hey – I can’t get mad at that!

As a 5 Star Diamond Winner the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition, is eligible for our Editors Choice award for the month of March 2009.