Casio Exilim Launches New Camera Line!

I'm excited to announce that Casio has just launched a new camera line! I may appear to sound a little biased but I have a good reason.  My first digital camera (ever) was a Casio - it was one of the first cameras to be the size of a credit card - not quite the thickness, but it was tiny! It was 2 megapixels and it captured some of the best moments I had in college.  I received it for Christmas 2002 and used it up until 2006 (I kid you not - it lasted a while).  I still have it but I lost my charging dock so I can't use it anymore.  Casio makes really durable cameras so please check out the details of their new line. They are introducing new cutting edge technology, like their patented "High-Speed Burst" technology that breaks down frames per second to 1200 in one shot - you almost have to see it to believe it!

Casio teamed up with iNDELIBLE to show the world the magic it's cameras can capture; go to to check out some of their funny videos.

If you're interested in getting one (for free) go to: (I already signed up!!!)

The Media Sheet is available here: