Ada Lovelace Day

I recently wrote on a friend's facebook page (MJ - the first female tech blogger I met) and she then responded by linking me to this site:

I have less than an hour to give kudos to a female in technology so I wanted to take this time to write about Jane Poon, of Toshiba.

I met Jane Poon at Show Stoppers or Pepcom last year, and later at CES and from the moment I met her I was blown away with what she did, and what she's done.  Mike wouldn't stop talking about her either because she apparently was creating a video game of her life, which to both of us was pretty cool.  I'm not sure if my life is cool enough to be transformed into a video game, but apparently hers is :)

Jane struck me as an extraordinary women in technology because of the way she carries herself, and interacts with others. 

I have a 'very ethnic' name and unlike many people who quickly ask for a nickname, or a shortened version, Jane actually made sure she enunciated it correctly.  It may seem like something very minor, but in reality its not.  Try calling everyone around you by their name, their real name and you'll see a difference - its great to be acknowledged. 

Jane Poon is a go-getter at Toshiba and treats women with as much respect as she demands.  She works on their line of mini-projectors (Mike - please confirm) and is extremely approachable. 

Sprinkles of are also sent to MJ & Ms. Finnie:

MJ Foley - you get kudos for being the awesome blogger that you are and for welcoming me the way that you did into this community.

Ann Finnie - you get kudos for putting as much passion as you to your job at HP.  I know your job pays more than just your bills, it pays your soul - and everyone knows it.

Woohoo! I'm in Texas and still have time to post...