Is Google the next best thing gone bad?

1_google_logoWe often hear different opinions about what a good thing can do to you. “Too much of a good thing is bad”. “Too much is not enough”. My absolute favorite, which I found on a magnet in Beyond Books Bookstore in Dallas, TX, was “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” – almost wants to make ya fall in love right? SIKE. So listen to this, there is now a rumor going around suggesting that Google may be the future’s Big Brother. The NY Daily News had an article this morning on the many special functionality/services Google provides and it also listed some of the dangers that they each entailed.

Great timing Google haters – just when I tell the world my ideal mate would have many qualities that Google currently possesses, it decides to tell me that some of its services can be used for stalking people…I guess Google now has more of a reason to be compared with the male species – haha, just kidding.

Read the article, it’s an interesting read.

Happy Friday everyone :)