In honor of Women's History Month

We’re almost half way into the month and I have to apologize for not ranting earlier about it being Women’s Month! We purposely launched the site this month because of it. As a chick that usually oozes her feminist ideals, I think we deserve a lil’ more than a month to show our appreciation to all the women who have made ours lives a tad bit easier. I can vote, work the same jobs as men and I don’t have to hide the fact that I’m a women – that’s amazing. I can wear pants and not be arrested, unlike Luisa Capetillo*. This wasn’t always the case though – we need to remember that. We’ve come a long way but there is still so much to do.

The logo of the site is supposed to symbolize women and all we are. Okay, maybe I’m pushing it…from the logo you can see we’re cute and may like diamonds with the tiny bling-like shine that it has…but behind all of that, it oozes pride. I’m speaking for the rest of the bloggerettes when I say this, but I am damn proud to be a women, a Latina women at that, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

I like breaking barriers, surprising people with my intelligence and living each day thinking about my career and how I’ll eventually balance family life with it. To some it may seem like too much – the whole family thing, but it’s a struggle that many women are blessed with having and appreciate. Men balance careers and families too, but women hold things down – there is no denying it (okay – here’s my opinion again making a special appearance).

As a woman who works in technology, I don’t always see coworkers that look like me, but that’s alright. I know me being there is slowly but surely helping that change. All it takes it one person.

With that said, and with me already having gone off in a tangent, please take this month, and the months to come, to honor and thank the women around you. The ones that are working full time, and still raising children; the ones that are inventing things, creating patents; the ones in school; the ones traveling the world; the ones testing the limits of what society thinks they should be allowed to do – give them all kudos because they weren’t always allowed to do what they’re doing and they’re taking advantage of all that has been granted, and still taking more for the rest of us.

Do it – its easy. It may only take a smile.


*Luisa Capetillo goes down in history as being the first women in the Hispanic/Spanish speaking Caribbean, to wear pants. She was well educated and urged other females to obtain higher education. I wrote a mini thesis in college on the roots of feminism in the Caribbean – so there goes a mini history lesson for you all, brought to you for free, by the letters CHI :) Look her up, she’s a little more than amazing.