Smartphones and Netbooks

I relocated to San Francisco a year ago and it has changed my lifestyle. First off I walk everywhere b/c frankly I am in the city and driving here is insane and it’s just easier to walk! So basically in the few months I’ve lived here I have been chased through Safeway (Supermarket) by a lady who had turrets syndrome (she is well known in the area), random homeless folks either singing or asking for change, and then witnessed a lady stealing a wheel of cheese in the slowest get away known to man (who sticks a cheese wheel under their shirt and then limps out thinking you can get away with it?). Needless to say now I know to walk with a purpose, ear buds on, and dark sunglasses. Except for this one day…

That day I was walking home from dance class without my ear buds. I overheard this lady chatting on a phone and asked a question to her friend; “So I don’t get it…what’s the difference between a cell phone and Smartphone…I can text with my cell, I don’t want change.”

I have to admit, I thought it was a silly question but then I wondered; is the industry effectively marketing to the women’s senses/appeals when it comes to creating these new products? Especially when most commercials are vaguer now than ever before (don’t you love those spinning phone ads?). So I started asking my girl friends if they knew the difference between a Smartphone and netbook. It was 50/50 across the board. I then asked some male friends of mine if their wife or girlfriend knew the difference and most said no or I don’t know (classic)!


I believe there may be a lack of information out there that speaks directly to women b/c netbooks and smartphones only make life easier. Especially since women naturally multitask (hence while doing a review I will make me lunch, feed my dog and take notes all at once)! So I thought I would attempt to explain the difference for all my women out there considering a Netbook or haven’t made that leap to a Smartphone. Smartphone or Pocket PC phone- is a mobile phone that has internet and email capability and usually a full keyboard. Most have platform-specific operating systems ie: Palm OS, Windows mobile etc...

My smartphone uses Windows Mobile so while on the train or walking I can literally pull up Excel or Power Point (Pocket PC Phones you can actually edit Word or Excel Files, you can’t edit with Smartphones). Nice huh? A smartphone truly is the in between a cell phone and net book. Smartphones are perfect for those who are always on the go in the city and need to keep up with their email. For instance, I had recently been looking for a new condo and one real estate agent had a cell phone and one had a smartphone…guess which one I went with?! That’s right, the lady with the smart phone b/c she was able to reply quickly. It makes perfect business sense!

Netbook- Has a smaller form-factor when compared to Notebook. Netbooks usually have an 8-10 inch screen and used mostly for internet browsing, emailing and viewing photos. It typically weighs less than 3 pounds and can run either on Linux or Windows. Netbook’s are a “greener,” less powerful and less expensive version of a notebook but note this is due to them not having an optical drive and having lower powered parts. Some have an SD card slot which is perfect for moms on the go with digital cameras. Another thing netbooks are great for, is for us women who travel allot. How many times are you that person holding up the line at airport security dumping all your electronics out on the tray?

So ladies I hope this helps you figure out which is best or maybe both are best for your lifestyle. As a small business owner a smartphone has been the answer to keeping up with clients, several email inboxes and calendaring while away from my PC. However when I travel I need something light so I need a Netbook as well (of course I do!). However if you are in the city a majority of the time a smartphone is perfect. What it comes down to is figuring out what technology you need to make life less complicated!