Letter From the Editor

Dear CuteGeek.com readers, Radiris Diaz, Editor in Chief of CuteGeek.comWe recently gave the HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One our 5 Hearts Award, but we have not informed you on what our awards mean, so I would like to take the time to explain what they represent.

First off, every reviewed product is not guaranteed an award. Hopefully we only receive extraordinary goods, but in the case that we do not, it will not receive an award. Despite not all of them being guaranteed an award, all are considered for one of our main awards.

Main Awards are given to products that meet certain criteria. Due to the variety of products we will be reviewing the criteria will vary from product to product, but it would generally require the product works as advertised, is easy to use and can be used in our normal day to day lives. There are also Add-on Awards. These awards will only be given to products which have received one of our Main Awards.

The decision to give an item an award is not solely based on the reviewer. Before reviews are posted it undergoes an internal review process. Michael (from HardwareGeeks), and I (Radiris) will discuss the product and conclude if the product is deserving of the award recommended by the original writer of the review. The writer (or reviewer) will have 1 Vote, Michael will have another vote, and I, as Editor in Chief, will have 2 votes. If there is a tie, we will ask the 2nd most senior bloggerette to weigh in on the discussion. Their vote will count as 1 vote and decide if an award is given or not.

Click here for a list of our awards and their rules