Being a Geek is now the “in” thing - Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Since the beginning of time, or high school (same thing right…) I always told people I was a nerd. It wasn’t cool back then so I was taking a big risk, but I didn’t care, because I knew (yes, I’m admitting that I think I’m cute) that I could push those limits. I often received the ‘you don’t look like a nerd’ comment – and then I would ask, ‘well what does a nerd look like?’ – no answer…There weren’t nerdy trends back then, at least any people would actually want to follow. RadirisWhen people thought of nerds they thought of Revenge of the Nerds – huge plastic framed glasses, huge bookbags, wimps, nose picking (hence the pic on the side…haha), etc. I had no other way of telling people that I was a really intelligent female, and that I loved school, loved to read, and was a sponge when it came to learning. What I did decide to do, which has now sort of become my trademark, is wear the huge plastic framed glasses…I always thought they looked nerdy and that’s what intrigued me to always, and continually buy them…I’ll show you pics another time of the many glasses I’ve had…

(I do career days at inner city schools and you have to see the look on the children’s faces when I tell them I’m a nerd…they’re like na…and then by the end of my lil’ speech, I tell the class and all of the nerds to be confident – to say that they’re nerds loud and proud. I asked one class to look around at the nerds in the class, and at first it was like ‘huh – why’ and then I said because you’ll most likely be working for them in the future. Its oh so true, sometimes we need a rude awakening, even at an early age – its okay to be smart damnit!)

Thanks to celebrities and the media, being a nerd is now a sense of style. Wearing suspenders, huge funky glasses, super tight clothes and just clothes that sort of seems awkward (work together) is now the thing to do. I am far from being a fashionista, I shop sales and wear tons of black, but if I can help bring those nerdy trends to all of ya’ll – I’ll try my best – trust me I will J

In high school, while everyone was living the advertised life (I went to school in the Bronx, NYC) – buying and wearing $150 pair of sneakers, and only focusing on their appearance, I actually invested in my education because the one thing I learned is that education is one thing that doesn’t go out of style. Times can change, people can come in and out of your life, you can lose a couple of things along the way but the one thing people can’t take from you is your education, the degrees under your belt and your knowledge – it never goes out of style either! It’s like a win, win situation, so why not try to get more of it.

I am so happy that it is now ‘cool’ to the world to be smart. It’s cool to be a nerd, a geek, a whatever – it’s great. You should never hide your true colors and if you feel a certain way, then go for it, and show them off…you never know when the tables will turn and when ‘you’ will become the new ‘in’ thing. I’m not saying you should wait for a big break, because who would’ve thought being a geek was cool…but look at it now. When you hear cute geek, you should no longer think of that being an oxymoron – there are many, many, many attractive, intelligent people in the world, and all the negative connotions associated with ‘geek’ will be disproven on Mythbusters if it were up to me.

Geeks are just as hot as anyone else – can I get an AMEN! If you’re a geek, you better walk tall and proud – it’s a revolution.

When someone doubts your geekiness/nerdiness give them one of these – my ‘are you serious/oh, I don’t look like a geek to you?’ face. Then quickly switch into the ‘whatever’ face – that’s what we should all do to folks when they tell us we don’t look ‘nerdy’, ‘smart’, or ‘geeky’ F that…. whatever-dude