What would you do for the Internet?

wwwLast week I read an article that hypothesized that Myspace, Facebook and similar websites were causing shortened attention spans amongst their users (Article here). Last night I read an article that showed me how dependent we’re becoming on the Internet. How would you feel if you knew your partner would give you up to avoid losing the internet? Wouldn’t that be the straw that broke the camel’s back? I would freak. We are in a day and age where we depend so heavily on the internet that our personal relationships are suffering. We no longer call our friends to find out what they thought about the latest movie – we go to moviefone.com. We don’t invite them to parties, we send evites or facebook invitations.

I have even signed up with a website called “Shop it to me”. It’s like having your own personal shopper. I receive a daily email from them, with a bunch of items on sale. (If you sign up on the site you can specify what brands you like, what styles of clothing you’re interested in and what price points you’re seeking – it’s a great service and its free, but it can be dangerous for shopaholics like myself).

I also found this article while reading the NY Daily News website last night and thought it would be interesting to share entitled "84% of German twenty-somethings would ditch current partner for the Internet".

Yes – I was surprised to see the results, but even as someone who loves stats and sometimes lives by them, what I was interested in was who they were asking. If they were to go to a gym of body builders and ask 1000 people this question – the answers may vary. Had they questioned 1000 students at Carnegie Mellon University, an institution with one of the top (if not the top) Computer Science program in the US, I wouldn’t be surprised if the findings were similar. So again, it’s an interesting read – would you leave your partner in exchange for having the internet? We’ve only had it for about couple of years. We were fine before we had it; it’s just made many aspects of our lives easier.

Any thoughts?