HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One

I recently received my first product to review and I am super stoked! I was not sure what I would get first so getting this product was like Christmas all over again! SOOO…What was in this magical brown box?!

As my eyes lit up to see what the new product was and it’s a…drum roll please…

HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One (AIO) …heck yeah!!!!

img_0891I started with the un-boxing using the handy HP starter guide and continued my new journey by pulling out all the goods. This printer for an AIO is very sleek and sexy, in fact I also have it set up in my living room b/c it looks like a great consumer good; not too bulky or boxy! One thing to note HP was nice enough to include a 2 prong power cord with an external ground wire. Most new homes have 3 prongs, but I live in San Francisco where the buildings are old and also my husband doesn’t have 3 prong plugs extension cords.

The printer is wireless and Bluetooth enabled which is awesome especially if you run a small business from home! Another cool thing to point out is that it's not shipped with a USB cord, but this is because this printer can be set up via Ethernet, or wireless (802.11n) connection, USB cable is not required! Hooray to not having more cords to trip over! I swear, half of my day I spend doing The Matrix moves around my condo to get around all the cords. Thank you HP!

The HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One has so many features and options but one of the newest and most intriguing to me is that its DLNA Certified printer, and allows users to connect, share and print wirelessly from a PLAYSTATION 3. I use my PS3 not just for gaming, but for photos so this is awesome. The HP AIO also is Energy Star approved, living in California I can use all the savings I can get; environment and income wise!

After I removed all the packaging around the accessories and put it together I started the product set up process. The set up process was pretty easy and straight forward. I did, however, use the guide of course; in minutes I had set up the printer on our wireless router. I have been able to successfully print wirelessly from my HP 910 IPAQ, a Palm Centro, my notebook, our home desktop and PS3. AND BTW There is no limit to how many wireless or Bluetooth devices you have connected to the printer at the same time. This instantly made me think “hmmm what else can I connect to it?”

Complete set up at home may have been an 45mins to an hour at most to connect, print and play around with everything (I did make some mac and cheese while it had the 10 minute initial boot; a girl has to eat!). The software was super quick to install and ease of use was great. A simple reminder though, if you do the easy install you will get Yahoo! tool bar directly downloaded onto your internet browser, in order to avoid this you will have to go through advance set up options.

The scanner has a 50 paper feed and it did an amazing job; I digitalize documents for clients and this was a dream. One thing to note is that when scanning wireless your play station needs to be off. Another great feature to point out is that it does double sided scanning wirelessly via the paper feed. I also did some photo scanning plus document scanning in bed and ease of use was pretty simple. I could see the scanning and photo capabilities to be perfect for a business owner, a soccer moms, women on the go or someone especially who scrapbooks. One thing you have to give this printer credit for is that for an ink jet is it prints faster than most ink jets I worked with and also the ink dries so quickly!

In Fact, I printed 50 pictures at once and they all came out great and not smugged. I also tried velum paper and worked as well. I also printed from my SD card and the picture was of great quality and next test was my Sony Duo card and again great photo. Then I did the ultimate test of one of my highest resolution photos and the picture was flawless. Next test, how will it do printing on a CD? OH AMAZING! It was so easy to use the CD feeder and I created the image within 15mins. You can also print from USB and CF or of course from any other devices with wireless and Bluetooth.

Unfortunately I do not have a phone jack active at my house (I know, I know, I am working on it!!) so I was unable to test out the fax function. There was only one tiny issue when I unboxed it, the machine was not shipped with a telephone cable but it will have it included when it hits retail stores. The HP team quickly sent me a cable via FedEx and apologized. Talk about some service!

All in all I love the HP Photosmart Premium Fax AIO printer and for the price point of $299.00 (available at HPDirect) I may be waiting at a local PC store when it opens the day of launch. It made running my business from home not only more productive but now I truly do not want to return it! If you looking for a sexy machine with AIO features this printer is perfect for you.

This Printer gets 5 Cutegeek hearts! “there was instant love between the printer and I” I want I want.