Greatest way to kill time online

fmylifeOn February 9th, I had the honor of going to my doctor w/ the flu and bronchitis and when I arrived, half of my neighborhood was there, alongside their extended family. There was no where to sit, no where to stand, so to avoid the awkward ‘just standing there’ look, I, like many others whipped out my handy dandy HTC 6700 (Sprint Mogul Pocket PC Phone, it’s been out a while and there are newer phones but whatever, I love my phone)…I whipped the phone out and started texting my mejorcita (spanish lesson for my fellow cute geek reader…mejor = better, -cita =female connotion, mejorcita = the bestest gal in my world, my cousin Glo)…so I start texting Glo.

I tell her – “OMG, everyone else is dying too and I have no where to sit :(!”

She responds, “Go to”

I go.

I spend the next hour of my life chuckling, staring into my phone, laughing out loud (literally), looking more retarded than if I had just stood there doing nothing in the middle of the room, and smiling.

So despite me finally getting a seat next to a viejo (viejo = old man) with a urinary problem, which he found extremely entertaining to tell the world about, I realized despite my stomach being sore from coughing, my head hurting from not sleeping and my body feeling weak from not eating, there are people out there that go through some funny crap (funny to us, maybe not to them, at the moment at least). We all do. When life throws you lemons, forget making lemonade, go to, blog a bit and share it with the world. I bet you’ll make someone feel better…

Before I end this, let me give you a sample of how it works…

“Today I checked into my flight to PR, I almost didn’t make it because I left my camera charger in my hotel (FML) and when I tried to pick it up the lost and found people took too long and I had to rush to the airport because I always cut it close. It makes me feel like a super hero. Anyway, I had to flirt with the curbside check-in dude and give him a $10 tip because I had arrived after my luggage could be tagged. I realized I got a seat in the emergency row which I love because I have extremely long legs…what I didn’t realize is that it was a window seat. (A typical no no for the exit row). I fell asleep, woke up with a frozen nose, went into my carry on, switching from my work outfit (pencil skirt, cute top) to a Babson College hoodie and some Nike pants. I forgot to pack socks in my carry on (FML). My left side of my body is numb and whatever I do feel, hurts like hell. FML”

Most are a lot shorter and to the point. Sorry, instead of giving you a sample, I combined 3 in 1. Leave it to me to overanalyze…Enjoy the site, may it bring you tearful laughs while you’re bored in some office.