What women want…

googleguyOften times, the one thing a woman really wants is for someone to understand her, even when she doesn’t. She wants to be understood, even when the words don’t come out as right as she may want, and even when she says the wrong things.

She doesn’t want to get lost while on vacation, or when venturing off to a new part of town. She wants the reassurance that she’ll get there, no questions asked.

She doesn’t want to dread certain holidays in fear of her better half forgetting them; they should always be remembered without any reminders. And they should be cute with nice decorations (when possible).

When shopping, women want options – options, options, options…and sales of course. They want to say “I want ‘blah’” and their significant other should respond by saying, “Well honey, there’s this ‘blah’ for $15, this ‘blah’ for $25, etc…” Or, it can be given to her in a list.

She wants all of this and more.

She wants to be able to communicate with her partner about current events. She wants them to be up to date with everything. Bad news, good news, gossips…she wants it all (duh!). She wants different ways of communicating, and all of them should be good. Online, phone, text, etc…the list goes on.

That’s why, I, Radiris Diaz, believe that if Google were a man, he’d be my ideal match and I’d marry him (on the spot).