trapcall-logo1I know Shay Fan is going to cover this and will probably have a more detailed review than I, but I decided to add my two cents because I’m sure we have two different perspectives. As a true New Yorker - born and bred, I can say that many people here are up to no good. This is why I’ve experienced these annoying blocked calls, that helps you uncover.

In the past, and hopefully never again the future, I’ve met ‘potentials’ and a short time later I’ll start getting these calls. Why? Oh - I’ll tell you, because their significant others have found my number and have now decided to do research.

Yes - annoying.

Or - some guys get obsessed and just want to hear your voice when you want nothing to do with them.

Other people just simply have private phone numbers, like my mother’s house phone.

If anyone is like me, they hate getting these calls. There’s nothing more annoying than running towards your phone, realizing it’s a private call, picking up and just hearing someone breathe. Not cool.

If you want to get rid of this problem you can do two things: 1. Change your number Or 2. Sign up for this service, there is a free version