Hello I'm Nina

Hello everyone, welcome to CuteGeek.com! Since we just launched today at 8PM I wanted to introduce my self, with a quick bio and a video I made. First a little about my self,I have been happily married 5 years and we have 1 dog (Chloe the Chihuahua). I live in San Francisco currently but born in San Antonio, Texas…Go Spurs. I have 4 years of computer industry experience, 2005-2008 with Dell Computers. Previous to Dell I managed a law office for 3.5 years in family law. We specialized in collecting child support by working the Texas Attorney General’s office. Watch out dead beat parents! Currently I own my own consultation business and now I'm a bloggerette for Cute Geek!

Technology I can’t live without: I love my HP 910 IPAQ Smart Phone, I love my Dell Latitude (Yo Dell hook me up with an E series :)), My 2008 Benz GPS and Bluetooth (MB please send me 2009 CLK 550:)), my new Sony purple Webbie, and My Sony playstation 3 (since I am decent on the drums). Favorite websites: Youtube, Facebook, Best Buy, CNet, itunes, and MTV (what? I am still in my 20s :)) Hobbies: I took up dancing a year ago; gradually I believe I have to be getting better. I can cook Mexican food, especially salsa! I like to sing but only the shower likes it.