In February of 2004, the birth of came in the form of a dating site – at least that was the idea. Five years later, it remained a parked domain. During CES 2009, Michael Reyes ( started talking to his latest and greatest blogger (guess who’s writing this) Radiris Diaz about the site and from their experiences at the event, they realized that the female blogging space was a niche market, especially in technology because there was not enough women doing it, despite the amount of information out there to cover (especially when it came to consumer products).

The idea for CuteGeek was driven by a number of events that happened in Vegas but since what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, we'll spare you the details.

Our story is that we found an opportunity to improve something and ran with it. We created in 2009 in hopes of creating a platform for women to review and write about technology and the many ways we use it to improve our lives. We also cover other non-tech/but female specific happenings - so enjoy those! We created this with the goal of covering the many hats females wear - from students, to mothers, to leaders, to bosses, to "insert awesome career here". By exhibiting different careers and opportunities to learn more about technology and the way it transforms our lives - we hope more females decide to learn about it and perhaps even launch careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

We hope you like (and if you don't, and want to provide ways of improving it, email me at

With love, Radiris

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