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Where is Nina going?!

by on October 6th, 2015

hi-tech chic logo smallest

In September I finally launched my own site called Hi-tech Chic (pronounced sheek) which will be reviews of fashion and tech instead of just tech.

Since then many of my Cutegeek and SF Examiner fans have been asking if I’m leaving either site and the answer is NO! I will remain to write for Cutegeek till I’m no longer cute…which may be sooner than later since I’m in my 30’s.

My promise to you all is to continue to write and review technology for all three sites with the same integrity since I started writing over 6 years ago.  My content will continue to be unique and newsworthy for each site but now with Hi-tech Chic the element of fashion will be included with tech.

In conclusion and to put the emails, DMs, and texts at rest I’m still writing for Cutegeek and Examiner just adding another site to my repertoire.

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Every Girl Needs One Good Reason to Get “Smart”

by on May 3rd, 2011

[Why I really got my iPhone]

I would like to tell you that I am a sexy slinky trendsetter and that as a strategy consultant I toted the latest tech toys, but frankly, I liked to keep my technology simple….and cheap. In late 2009, I was a flip phone kind of girl. I saw no valid reason for spending a few hundred dollars on an iPhone (which I perceived to be a delicate toy) just to integrate my iPod with my phone. That is… until our doctor opened my eyes….
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Tech and Obama

by on March 4th, 2009

ObamaEarlier this week I read an article (through my bank account’s website) that Barack Obama would be appointing the first CTO (chief technology officer) of the United States. Now that tech seems to be the buzz word of the week (at least to me), considering the recession, I thought that was a really good move on his part, just because we’re trying to stay on top – right?

Having attended Carnegie Mellon Univ ( – I always saw/heard of technological advancements, and research being done, but another common thing was that it wasn’t enough, it was never enough. The US still had a long way to go if it thought it would actually be able to compete with other countries around the word. It also wasn’t enough because we still didn’t have a lot of minority representation in the sciences and technology, so my school used to (and still does) invests in a summer program that introduces high school students to the wonderful world of tech, like robotics (

I’m hoping Obama makes things happen. Change isn’t easy, and it’s always easier to say things, than to actually do them, but everyone knows his first 100 days in office will be scrutinized. He’s saying all the right words, making everyone love him…almost reminding me of an early relationship – the honeymoon phase to be exact. We all know that comes to an end, sometimes we realize it when its too late, but lets give Obama the benefit of the doubt and hope that he really does invests in technology, that he creates new jobs for all of those that have lost theirs, and that he brings this nation back to where it belongs – on top.

If investing in technology is the answer, than lets all try to do a bit of it.