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Cutegeek’s 7th anniversary and Nina’s still here!

by on March 6th, 2016

HTC Last Collage

It seems like yesterday when I met Radiris and Michael who were already bloggers for Hardware geeks at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in 2009. After meeting them I was asked to start writing for their new site called “cutegeek.”

I had worked for Dell a while but what do I know about writing reviews? What would make readers come back? Then it dawned on me. I can pretty much break any electronic; I honestly don’t know what happens. Everyone claims I have the anti-Midas touch and it’s been said that if I product lasts in my hands it’s “Nina Certified” on Cutegeek.

After I agreed and did all the paper work when Cutegeek went live I posted immediately. This embarrassingly is my very first post on March 1, 2009: (The video is even worse!).

Since starting with Cutegeek I have had the unique experience in attending CES, SXSW, E3, Napa Valley Film Festival, the launch of the Plasticki in Sausalito, Ford’s Go Further annual event, Mac World and many more as press. I’ve met intelligent people, met new friends who will always be in life and travel more than I would in any other occupation.

Thanks to all the Cutegeek fans; you guy rock for being loyal fans for the last 7 years.

Thank you to Radiris and Michael for the last 7 years of Cutegeek and cheers to many more! As I always say I will continue to work for Cutegeek as long as I’m still cute.


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Best Geeky Valentines Gift Ever

by on February 20th, 2013

mkOne day Marco saw that one of my SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals on my Ubling pink case  was missing! I was crushed! I went back to my older cases and it just didn’t seem right. I felt like I had a rock in my shoe but it was my iPhone case.

For Valentines day after my week long EPIC disappointment of all cases…Marco got me this and well it’s just my style and matches my MK goulashes, MK scent and MK purse. AHH my life is now complete with my Michael Kors Case and its only 38.00 on!! I’m not spoiled; I’m a bargain shopperSmile!

Honestly it has no crystals which is nice because I believe there is an epic war going on in the make up department of my purse…RIP Mascara you promised long lashes and for your brief life span I still don’t have longer eyes lashes therefore to the perfumes roller balls wins. 

Regardless of my purse wars this case has already went to the battle zone and still looks magnificent. It does help I’m rockin the ZNitro glass screen protector…This case may be Nina Certified.

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Review: Nina’s new fav battery operated toy…Sephora’s Professional Heated Lash Curler

by on October 9th, 2012

Eye lash Curler

After several years of using the manual eye lash curler (what now seems archaic) I purchased the Professional Lash Curler from Sephora for a only $16.00. It is designed to be used after mascara application however I use it before and after to max my lashes (Nina Secret Beauty). The first question I asked was will this fry my lashes (similar to a curling iron) the Sephora sales person said no. Due to the coils and the temperature it will not however if you have fake eye lashes from what I have read it will not work on them.

Before CurlExcited to try out my new battery operated toy I rushed home to test this little guy out. For an honest review I tested this on myself and did before and after pictures for our cutegeek beauty fans out there! For the record I did have a natural eye shadow on and obviously eyeliner before applying mascara BUT real bare eyelashes.

Continue Reading…

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id America Calligraphic Leopard Case for iPhone 4-NINA CERTIFIED

by on May 7th, 2012

caseAs most of you know I am a royal but graceful klutz. My first E3 with cutegeek I had a sprained ankle and even then Radiris was worried I could injure myself further. Where am I going with this? I drop my iPhone 4 at least once a day so cases are crucial for my iPhone’s survival.I feel as though it says help every time it goes into my purse.

When I first got an email to review a Leopard case I immediately flashed back to the Dave Chappelle’s show skit “It’s Leopard.” I had no idea on the color they would ship or much about the case. I have utilizing cheap plastic cases that have not been cutting it. I was curious and when my purple leopard case from id America arrived I was impressed. IMG_2919

The texture is a rubberized coating on the outer shell of the case which improves grip but it also has a soft touch. The case is 19.95 on line and to be honest at first I thought who would pay for a case until I received this one. It comes with a lens wipe and protector as well and it was simple to snap on to my phone. I have dropped my phone, immersed in water by accident (not by choice),and left it in a hot car. I am convinced this case is not destructible. Cheers to id America for making a case that is truly Nina certified. Click here to purchase this case and stay tuned for E3 updates as it gets closer!

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Intuit Credit Card Swipe for a good cause…

by on April 10th, 2012

I saw the Intuit ad online and thought why not for the cure of Crohn’s and Colitis Next Steps walk for the cure fund raising?! The intuit credit card swipe is an amazing iPhone tool and app plus it works on Android as well.

The set up was pretty simple. I downloaded the app on my iPhone 4 and created a user account once I got my free credit card swipe in the mail. It connects to your 3.5 mm jack and requires no set up- just plug that sucker in. After downloading the app and plugging it in it was ready to go!

Next you will get a credit card in the mail for your Intuit account which again was simple. It’s a visa card and usable just like a credit card. I created my account online and BOOM I made my first swipe! My aunt for the cure of Crohn’s and Colitis Next Steps walk sent me a check in the mail therefore I cashed it and used the Intuit for the first time for my fund raising account.

OMG it was totally cool to charge your card on your phone…this could be dangerous…or fun but ease of use for this product is amazing…plus you can use this for fund raising which it has an app for.

Sweet deal, great for fund raising and cool to just bust out when your friends can’t front the bill…

Friend:”oh I’m sorry I don’t have cash”

You: “No problem I have my Intuit credit card swipe should I include your portion on the tip?”

Friend: (speechless and dumbfounded)

All in all this is being used for a good cause and I love it!

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Inexpensive iPhone cases- Nina Approved!

by on March 6th, 2012

Everyone knows I am clumsy. In average I go through about 3 phones a year and one NB a year. I have been known to throw my phone out of frustration of not working. My motto has always been use your electronics to the max regardless because something new will come out. Why not use your personal electronics to the extreme for the short amount of time for pure enjoyment?

Rumor has it my purse is where all electronics go into combat and eventually die. I like huge purses, I love having several perfume bottles,make-up and lip gloss plus I carry books in my purse. I imagine my beauty products having it out with my electronic in an epic battle in my Louie V to which the electronic always looses.Sorry guys!

I recently bought an iPhone 4 (without the S because frankly I want to be smarter then my phone plus it reminds me of Tron). Knowing that this phone will not survive in my purse I went to Amazon and Ebay and found some great cases for under 4.00-10.00that snap on and off and add little to no extra weight to the phone. Pretty simple just do a search inquiry on iPhone hard cases and BOOM. Below is the search I utilized for example… Continue Reading…

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New Ear Buds On the Way

by on October 22nd, 2009

One night I was up late practicing my hip hop dance skills with my Roxy/ JBL earbuds (more like a goofy attempt to recreate what my dance instructor showed me the day before) and all the sudden one side of the earbuds went out.  At first I thought; “oh no after several years of listening to music on full blast (plus being in a mosh pit at some major concerts) I have blown one ear drum out.”  EEK!

In a Zoolander attempt (the sound is IN the earbuds?!)  I took them out and somewhat “tapped”  them a couple times to see if maybe my attempt would in fact make the earbuds work.  I also did the classic reboot of my shuffle and worked with the cable to see if it was a “Nina” error. Continue Reading…