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Misfit & General Assembly Contest: Win a Trip to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2017

by on December 5th, 2016


Ready to dance the night away in one of the most iconic cities in the world? Misfit (my all time favorite tech wearables company) is teaming up with General Assembly to send you and a friend to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Misfit & General Assembly will cover your flight, 3 nights at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter and 2 VIP tickets to the festival. They are also throwing in a $100 credit towards any General Assembly class or workshop.

If you would like to enter the contest click here. Please note that you MUST enter the contest by Sunday, January 1 for your chance to win.

Good Luck to all my Cutegeek fans! I hope one of you guys have the opportunity to experience New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

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Last Minute Cyber Monday Deals Part Deux

by on November 28th, 2016

Cyber Monday is half way in the day but there are still last minute deals that I am still receiving. To help all you last minute shoppers here are some of the tech Cyber Monday deals that are currently going on.









Main Gearmain-gear


Hope this helps all of you cyber shoppers today!



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Connectivity Meets Classic Watch Design in the New Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch

by on October 18th, 2016


The Shine and other Misfit  products have been on of my favorite products I have reviewed after learning about them in 2014 at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Today to continue their success with wearable technology they announced the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch to be available on to purchase starting on November 7, 2016.

The Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch face is the user interface for notifications, feedback, activity, alarm and notification data using an interplay of the watch hands. It also has a small color window,vibration alerts, texting, call, app notifications, and movement reminders delivered directly to a user’s wrist.

I will be doing a product review of Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch on my other site and will be included in the holiday guide with more in depth and usability information. Till then below is the official press release.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

by on February 12th, 2016

It’s less than 2 days away from Valentine’s day and you still don’t have a gift or a good idea for a gift for that special someone. Don’t panic! Below is a list of cool gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or for any other special occasion if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.

Love Board

Velleman MK101 Flashing Led Sweetheart is for the true geek couple gift. The user installs the 28 brilliant red LED lights on to the heart-shaped circuit board and watch as they light up and flash. It is currently available on Amazon and is under $10.00 If you are an average Amazon user you may not get this till Monday however if you have Amazon Prime you should get it in time! This is so geeky I adore it!

Shine vday

If you have a healthy geek or your special someone likes working out Shine from Misfit has some great products. They have gift-ready box sets, bundles, accessories and are all 30% to 40% off through February 14th. I have been a huge fan of Shine since day one and have reviewed a few units. What I love about Shine is that it is cross functional by giving you more option to wear it besides just on your wrist.

Uncommon Goods

If you have a little more time than 2 days for your Valentine’s Day Date check out for unique gifts. I personally love celebrating NOT on the 14th when everyone and their momma is eating out. I have found this is trending as a lot of my friends do the same. So Uncommon Goods is a good option for the late celebrators plus they have some VERY unique Valentine’s Day gifts.


How many times is your special someone always running out of a charge on their smart phone? I know all the excuses (my phone is running out of a charge, I left my charger at home and yada yada) because I use to use them all the time until my new iPhone 6S and portable charger. Recently launched, the new Puku Light is a lightweight powerful portable charger featuring a 5000 mAh battery. The Puku Light is compatible with smartphones, tablets, mobile and hand-held USB-charged devices. The Puku Light is available in four different colors and comes with a two-year warranty that guarantees a defect-free, quality product.

Dudes gifts

I think this is the coolest idea for man gifts and not just for Valentine’s Day is Man Crates. Within the crate your man will find snacks, gadgets, gear and video games for men. They then ship them with a crowbar for him to open up his crate. I have never heard of a company with this unique of an option to open your gift but I think this is awesome. They have 24 hour shipping before noon. To learn more about the Man Crates or would like to shop the Man Crates site click here.

Of course if you’re a traditionalist and want to go with flowers or candy these three sites offer same day shipping: Shari’s Berries, Cookies by Design, or FTD.

I hope this helps you guys! If you need a Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide for your Valentine’s day date click here for my article on Hi-Tech Chic.

Everyone have a lovely Valentine’s weekend and happy early Presidents day!

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CES Unveiled 2015

by on January 12th, 2015

10927252_10152737502609125_1512138727_oThe 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show was in Las Vegas and happened January 6-9th. CES 2015 was indeed more innovative than I have seen in previous years and I believe it was the biggest turn out thus far! What a start to 2015! Go Geeks!

I arrived to Vegas on Sunday to attend the CES Unveiled and Start-up Debut press events. CES Unveiled is the official media event that has booths and demos of products before the show including 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honorees.stove

As I walked the event floor I was overwhelmed by the different types of electronics. Someone said I had a perma-smile while walking in-like a kid in a candy store!


  • Dacor and I had a funny introduction in 2013; after the Napa Valley Film Festival IQ Wall Oven I got texts all day that my food was ready from the Discovery™ iQ Oven. At Unveiled Dacor introduced the voice activation feature of their Discovery™ iQ series with a fully integrated Android tablet. Starting spring 2015, users will be able to control their Discovery™ iQ appliances through voice command on the Dacor iQ Remote App, remotely from anywhere they are connected. It also has the Discovery iQ Recipe Box which stores your online recipes directly to the range.

Smart Bracelet:

  • TyiaTyia blends a jewelry design with technology to create a useful but elegant accessory for all us women who need to stay connected 24/7. We have all been in a meeting or class which answering a text/call is inconsiderate to peers unless it’s an emergency. The Tyia bracelet synchronizes with the mobile app that helps you to stay on top of your calls, messages, calendar items, and reminders. The Tyia lets you increase the intensity and pattern of the vibration or color to know how important a notification is. Tyia wearers can decide what is important based on your personal settings.

Fitness Tracker:10911358_900326703320226_5931677187028003324_o

  • I got my first Misfit Shine activity tracker last March when I met the Misfit team at SXSW and immediately loved it! Since then they have introduced different colors for the shine, an array of sport and leather bands, and various other accessories. Misfit introduced their partnership with Swarovski with two new products: the clear Swarovski Shine with a brilliant crystal face and a violet Swarovski Shine which uses a patented “energy crystal” technology to power itself. This is the world’s first wireless activity and sleep monitor that utilizes an energy harvesting technology to enable it to never require charging or replacing of batteries. I hope to review this in 2015!

Smart Sports:

  • Since its basketball season (Go Spurs Go!) the 94Fifty SmaIMG_6513rt Sensor Basketball intrigued me. The 94Fifty Basketball is the world’s first smart basketball that measures any forces applied to it, full 360 degree view of the ball, and the player that moves it. I didn’t get a demo of this product so I hope to review this before NBA season is over!




  • Anything that levitates catches my attention; I still wish there was a legit hover board like Back to the Future. The Axxess Air 2 is a Levitating BluetoothIMG_6518 Speaker that plays for 5 hours long, uses a USB charger, connectable via Bluetooth 4.0, hands free calling system, attachable to your refrigerator via magnet and 10m transmission distance. I’m not sure when it comes to market but definitely in 2015.


  • IMG_6486Urbanears unveiled it’s the first pair of wireless headphones; the Plattan ADV. It comes with a built in microphone, a swipe interface on the ear cup, bluetooth playback that will last roughly eight hours on a charge and recalls the last eight devices that have been paired. The headband is actually machine washable and the complete headphones are fully collapsible. The Plattan were pretty comfortable to try on and perfect if you wear your headphones daily.


Mobile Accessories:

  • What if your car runs out of batteries and don’t have someone to help you jump start your car? As a woman I fear that…The Cobra JumPackTM with a starting current of 200A and 400A peak current has enough power to jump start most cars on a single charge. This compact portable power pack also contains a 7,500 mAh battery with a 2.1 Amp USB output to rapidly charge any mobile deviceIMG_6493 from smart phones to tablets to digital cameras, making it the ideal emergency battery pack for a home, office, vehicle or the outdoors. The Cobra JumPack has a built-in LED flashlight with a strobe and S.O.S function for emergencies.

Though there were countless of amazing products at CES Unveiled these are the ones I enjoyed the most and I hope you do too! Stay tuned for Pepcom and Showstoppers recaps!!

Happy New Year!

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Review: Misfit Shine

by on November 11th, 2014

ShineOver the summer Misfit sent me the new Coca Cola inspired Shine activity and sleep monitor in red with a white sports band and Classic Tee with the Flash Pocket located on the sleeve…unfortunately they shipped it to my old address in San Francisco instead of my place in Austin. Fortunately I went back home to SF in August for a quick visit and picked up the new Shine to test out.

The Shine measures steps, calories burned, distance and sleep quality and duration by using the Misfit app which is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows phones and tablets. For those who have never seen the Shine it’s an Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum disc (about the size of a quarter) that attaches to you via magnetic clasp, watch band (comes in leather, plastic and mesh), Misfit Classic Tee, Misfit socks or necklace. The shine does comes with the clasp and sport band however you can upgrade to other accessories when you purchase it online.10667819_10152452576444125_1838238182_o

Unboxing the Shine is a bit of a geek experience; it comes in a nice box that has a magnet to keep the Shine stationary. After I placed the battery into the Shine I immediately synced it to my iPhone. Since I have one Shine already I was concerned that my iPhone would be confused by the two different Shines. To my amazement the Misfit app allows you to have more than 1 Shine (which is important since they come in different colors and for this fashionista I want my Shine to match my outfit).

After syncing I went into settings to personalize my Shine and set my goals. Immediately I realized the previous Shine I had did not have some of the same features. One new feature is the sleep monitor; I’m nocturnal so I was curious to see what it would read when I woke up the next AM. The sleep photo (2)monitor calculates the amount of “restful” sleep depending on your personal settings. I admit I was a sceptic at first till I woke up the next AM with my sleep results- it was dead on.

Another cool feature with the app is taking pictures of each meal you have so you can track what you have eaten in a day. The Shine also has the Lose it!, Runkeeper, Walgreens, and IFTTT (Misfit Channel) apps.

Though the market is flooded with new fitness devices I have been of a fan of the Shine since I received my first one at SXSW when I met the Misfit team. I love that it doesn’t look like a fitness band and more like a fashion piece. It has always been a conversation starter once someone sees it light up (though it gets annoying when people come tapping on it just to see the Shine lights- one time is ok several times from the same person warrants laser beams shooting out of my eyes).

The Shine activity and sleep monitor is available online at the Misfit site or at Target for $99.00.

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Press Release: Coca-Cola Red Shine Star Spangled Set

by on June 30th, 2014

Coca ColaSparkle this holiday with the Shine Star Spangled Set. Get a Coca-Cola Red Shine, available for the first time today on their site. It comes with a black sportband and clasp, the NEW White Sport Band, and a Navy Misfit Classic Tee—all for $119.99. Declare your independence in style with the new Coca-Cola Red Shine Star Spangled Set.

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SXSW 2014 Update

by on March 10th, 2014

mario cart2Hello Cutegeekers! It’s been a busy first weekend of SXSW…late tonight I will be posting about my SXSW gaming expo experience. It took me back to the days of paperboy and Mario Bros.

Late last night I posted on of my IndieGoGo experience with Misfit, URB-E and Breathometer; to check it out go here.

Stay tuned and happy SXSW 2014! It’s been a blast so far!



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