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Last Minute Cyber Monday Deals Part Deux

by on November 28th, 2016

Cyber Monday is half way in the day but there are still last minute deals that I am still receiving. To help all you last minute shoppers here are some of the tech Cyber Monday deals that are currently going on.









Main Gearmain-gear


Hope this helps all of you cyber shoppers today!



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Inexpensive iPhone cases- Nina Approved!

by on March 6th, 2012

Everyone knows I am clumsy. In average I go through about 3 phones a year and one NB a year. I have been known to throw my phone out of frustration of not working. My motto has always been use your electronics to the max regardless because something new will come out. Why not use your personal electronics to the extreme for the short amount of time for pure enjoyment?

Rumor has it my purse is where all electronics go into combat and eventually die. I like huge purses, I love having several perfume bottles,make-up and lip gloss plus I carry books in my purse. I imagine my beauty products having it out with my electronic in an epic battle in my Louie V to which the electronic always looses.Sorry guys!

I recently bought an iPhone 4 (without the S because frankly I want to be smarter then my phone plus it reminds me of Tron). Knowing that this phone will not survive in my purse I went to Amazon and Ebay and found some great cases for under 4.00-10.00that snap on and off and add little to no extra weight to the phone. Pretty simple just do a search inquiry on iPhone hard cases and BOOM. Below is the search I utilized for example… Continue Reading…

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