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Texas Does The Time Warp Again at FAN EXPO DALLAS

by on January 30th, 2017

The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf will reunite at FAN EXPO DALLAS 2017 located in downtown Dallas for Three Days.

The FAN EXPO DALLASis March 31st through April 2nd at the Dallas Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center.

The FAN EXPO DALLAS show will be Stan Lee’s last Texas appearance as well so this show should be EPIC! If you are interested in getting a photo op or autograph the fees are $120.00 for each not for both. I suggest checking the schedule beforehand so you know when the photo ops and autograph sessions are happening.

I went last year and had a blast…as much as you can with little boys and teenage boys poking you in the behind with their light sabers. I have gone in total to 4 Comic Cons / FAN EXPOs overthe last year and each one boast more technology than the previous show (except for Silicon Valley).

I just submitted my press credentials to attend this years FAN EXPO DALLAS and very excited about the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show being there. Hopefully I will be approved and will be on ground zero throughout the show updating you all via my twitterand my Youtube channel. Continue Reading…

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Happy National Comic Book Day and Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2016

by on September 25th, 2016

dallasfandaysHappy National Comic Book Day! Every year on the 25th of September comic book fans get to celebrate their love for comics that currently is an industry that totals over one billion dollars in sales annually. National Comic Book Day is a day when fans set aside their differences and celebrate together at their local comic book store. I have not been at my local comic book store on National Comic Book Day so I am uncertain how celebrated it is but seems like a fun way to spend your Sunday.fanday

Today also marks less than 3 weeks away to Dallas Comic Con Fan Days in Irving, Texas on October 14th through the 16th. This will be the last appearance of the stars of Batman, Adam West and Burt Ward at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. They will also have the 1966 Batmobile on display the whole weekend for fans to check out.

The weekend of Dallas Comic Con Fan Days will also have several other attractions like photo ops with celebrities, panels, autograph sessions, and artist alley.  If you would like more information on attractions click here and for ticket information click here.

I hope to see all you guys at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days and check out the below article of the experts of Dallas Comic Con Fan days talking about National Comic Book Day and Dallas Comic Con Fan Days.

The Experts at Dallas Fan Days Talk Comics

Every year on Sept. 25, comic book readers, collectors, lovers and fans celebrate National Comic Book Day. Comic books – are they a hobby, a pastime, a casual form of entertainment? Try a billion dollar a year industry and a powerful consumer market. According to the latest estimate by ICV2 and Comichron, total comics and graphic novel sales in North America hit $1.03 billion in 2015, the first year for the industry to ever hit over a billion dollars in sales. Comic books are no longer just a cultural experience; they are an economic powerhouse.

At first thought, comic books may not be considered a largely sought-after product; however, the demand for their colorful pages and fascinating stories continues to climb. Sales in 2014 were up 8 percent from 2013, and 2015 sales were up 10 percent from 2014. As traditional fans of the comic book age and are now adults, the primary purchasers of comic books are adults between the ages of 25 and 44 according to ICV2 – individuals who have more disposable income to spend on a treasured form of entertainment. Their deep-seated love for comics is elevating the industry.

 “Comic books have continued to become a cultural unifier,” says Andrew Moyes, show director of Dallas Fan Days™. “People all over the world can connect over their love and passion for comic books, and we see that at our conventions year after year.”

Whether it’s nostalgia or excitement over new superhero movies and TV shows, fans are showing their love for the comic book industry.

“At conventions across the country, we have seen an influx of new faces that have only been exposed to these comic characters through the movies, and the attendance has swelled to record numbers because of it. In stores, we have seen older customers who had stopped collecting or reading coming back in to catch up,” says Andy McMahon, owner of Duncanville Bookstore, a shop that offers a range of comic books, graphic novels, games, toys and action figures. “The DFW area has a large number of people still trying to collect every issue of a series. Because the DFW area is so diverse, our customers are willing to branch out and try new titles, which is nice to see because there are some great non-superhero titles being produced right now.”

 Dallas Fan Days – one of the best comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming events in Texas and set to return Oct. 14-16, 2016, at the Irving Convention Center – will host comic guests such as: Neal Adams, Brandon Peterson, Jim Calafiore, Ty Templeton, Joe Eisma, Jeremy Clark, Sam de la Rosa, Ben Dunn, Steve Erwin, Scott Harben, Mike Krome, Andrew Mangum, Danita Mangum, Jason Metcalf, Ande Parks, Lawrence Reynolds, Marlin Snoop, K.T. Smith, Shaun Steven Struble and Jamie Tyndall.




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Complimentary Admission for Kids at Fan Expo Dallas (Comic Con)

by on May 25th, 2016

ComicCon D

This year was the first year that I went to ComicCon in Silicon Valley and now I’m invited to attend the Dallas version of Comic Con. I must admit when I attended Comic Con I had no idea what I was in for and there were some drop jaw moments for sure. My favorite was playing with light sabers; who doesn’t love that?

To my surprise Dallas also has a Comic Con but they call it FAN EXPO DALLAS™. I’m filling out the press badge now but look at this celebrity guest list (Stan Lee, William Shatner, George Takei and John and Joan Cusack) and that’s not all of them…just the ones I’m interested is seeing.

If I do attend I think this time I will have a costume or maybe my friends at Flashion Statement will send me a new shirt for this event and E3.

Below is all the information on the FAN EXPO DALLAS™ (ie: Comic Con).

Complimentary Admission for Kids at Fan Expo Dallas

Tons of Family-Friendly Attractions at June 3 – 5 Event Formerly Known as Dallas Comic Con

DALLAS, May 25, 2016 – Texas’ most exciting event for kids, and those who are kids at heart, just got even better. FAN EXPO DALLAS™ (formerly known as Dallas Comic Con), in conjunction with the BRICK LEGO Show, is offering complimentary admission to all children 12 and younger with the purchase of a paid adult ticket, opening the doors to the state’s largest convention for lovers of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, gaming and more, which runs Friday, June 3, to Sunday, June 5, 2016, at the Dallas Convention Center.

Coupons for free admission can be found here:

Among the many family-friendly activities taking place over the weekend are:

  • Kids Zone Family Lounge, where children can dress in costumes, color and maybe even meet a superhero;
  • Kids Costume Contest with participation ribbons and special awards for the top three winners;
  • Free photos with the 17-foot-long Star Wars Roxy the Rancor monster, the Luggabeast from The Force Awakens, and more;
  • Q-and-As with the voices of SpongeBob SquarePants, Batman and Winnie the Pooh, among others;
  • Lessons in how to speak Klingon;
  • Chances to meet Stormtroopers and Jedi knights, Vulcans and Romulans, robots and androids, superheroes and villains, and who knows who else?!

Celebrity appearances will include Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and Jenna Coleman together for the first time in North America; Stan “The Man” Lee (co-creator of Spider-Man, the Avengers, X-Men and innumerable other Marvel Comics characters); original Star Trek cast members William Shatner, George Takei and Nichelle Nichols; Hollywood icons John and Joan Cusack; creative genius Frank Miller (Dark Knight III); and performers from Game of Thrones, Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Angel, The Vampire Diaries, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, Agent Carter, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and many more.

Tickets and packages (tickets, exclusives and perks) to Fan Expo Dallas start at $25 and can be purchased online ( or at the box office on-site. Ticket prices are:

  • Friday: $25 advance, $30 door
  • Saturday: $50 advance, $55 door
  • Sunday: $40 advance, $45 door
  • 3-day pass: $89 advance, $95 door

For the full list of appearances and family-friendly activities, tickets and other information, please visit Stay connected with the show for announcements and updates by registering for their newsletter and following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For vendor information, please click here. Those interested in volunteering can find more information here. Accredited media can request press passes by applying for accreditation at

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My 1st Silicon Valley Comic Con Recap

by on March 25th, 2016

I have never been to Comic Con for one very good reason, I’ve never owned a comic book. When I got an email that Steve Wozniak was throwing the Silicon Valley Comic Con this year with William Shatner as the host I had to go. I was really excited to attend and that they invited me as press for SF Examiner, Cutegeek, and Hi-Tech Chic. In an era of the geeks the convergence of technology and comic books is a no brainer and Silicon Valley is the perfect place for Comic Con.

Shatner MASTER

Silicon Valley Comic Con kicked off day one with a keynote and Q & A from William Shatner at the San Jose Convention Center. He went from one topic to another along with some funny rambling. The best part was during the Q &A is when Steve Wozniak waited in line to tell Shatner that he was the biggest fan. The look of confusion on Shatner’s face was classic flattered and confused. What a great compliment from the almighty and powerful Woz. You can view part of Shatner’s keynote on the below video I took while at the Silicon Valley Comic Con. That same night I also snuck a picture in front of the Ghostbuster’s car with my Flashion Statement T-shirt.

Day two (March 19th) was not only the best but busiest day of Comic Con and as soon as the doors for Silicon Valley Comic Con opened it was mayhem in downtown San Jose. Day two consisted of fan photo ops with Stan Lee, William Shatner, Back to the Future Cast, and many other celebrities. Also on day two of Comic Con Madame Tussauds of San Francisco honored Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak by unveiling his wax figure live on-stage for the first time ever at the San Jose Convention Center. Steve took pictures next to it and then they united Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak once again but in wax form. The Wozniak wax figure was so alike to the real Woz even down to how he dresses. Can you tell which one is the real Woz?

Woz Collage

The rest of day two I spent exploring the show room, helping kids find their mom, getting probed by little kids light sabers, playing with adult sized light sabers, waiting in lines that never end and doing an on camera interview.

One of my favorite booths was the Light Saber Team which is a company that works out with light sabers and have teams throughout California. When I came up to the booth in my head I’m thinking “NO WAY! Are they for real? Light sabers and working out?! Where do I sign up?!” The Light Saber Team had the coolest double ended light sabers and a great concept of working out while using your light sabers, talk about a geeks dream! If you live in California and a geek like me that loves the idea of working out with light sabers check them out here. Sadly the Light Saber Team is not in Texas yet, sorry guys!

While I was walking around the San Jose Convention Center the team stopped me and asked if I would do an interview about technology on camera. My first thought and I think most women would agree was “Crap why didn’t I touch up my make-up?! Oh Well Que Sera, Sera!” The team was very nice and had some great questions on technology present and future including what tech product can you not live without (my iPhone). Not sure if posted it or not but fair warning if I look like a mess it’s because it felt like it was 100 degrees in the convention center.

I also had a bonding moment with a 5 year old while standing next to the huge Iron Man when he said “Why is everything so BIG?!” My response “Honey I’m 5’8” and I’m right there with you.” Everyone was cracking up, I guess I reverted back to 5 years old for a second!

dAY 2

Towards the end of Comic Con I started taking pictures wearing my Flashion Statement shirt with random strangers which included the dude from, the girl from the Mass Effect- New Earth booth, the dude from Point of Geek, the team from and lastly Star Wars characters.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the Back to the Future cast because I’m press which makes absolutely no sense. Oddly they invited me to Silicon Valley Comic Con but they deny me to see the one event & photo op that I wanted to partake in. My suggestion for Comic Con next year is to keep track of the press you invite, turn down the AC (it was so hot everyone was sweating), include more modes of transportation to the Convention Center and remember that press are fans too.

On day three I didn’t attend and I heard it wasn’t that busy so I took the time to defrag from my Comic Con sensory overload and visited friends. The show totaled 60,000 attendees and is said to be the largest turn out in North California history. I heard people say that next year will be even larger! For information on the Silicon Valley Comic Con click here.

All and all for my first Silicon Valley Comic Con it was an interesting and memorable experience. After all, when am I going to see William Shatner live again?

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Have a Happy New Year from Cutegeek!

by on December 28th, 2015

collage NYE

We hope all our cutegeek fans have a FABULOUS New Years! Looking back over the past year and all these pictures I realized I had some amazing experiences plus cool products I got to review in 2015.

We want to thank all the companies or brands who sends us products to reviews and inviting us to events in 2015. We would also like to truly thanks all our fans who read our site and send nice notes on how much they love cutegeek.

In 2016 I promise will be even more exciting then 2015 with more product reviews, attending events like CES, SXSW, E3, Comic Con with Shatner as the host, ACL, and maybe the Napa Valley Film festival.

Here at cutegeek we wish you all a Happy New Year and a reminder to be safe! Uber it or have a DD if you can especially if you are in Austin. Thanks again to all the PR agencies, Start-ups, and most importantly our fans; without you all our site would not be as successful.

Cheers to 2016!

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