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CT BAND – Turn Your Classic Watch Into a Smart Watch

by on January 24th, 2017

Combining elegance with technology is no easy task. I was intrigued to learn about the smart strap called “CT BAND“that gives intelligence (smart watches features) to all classic watches by simply attaching it to the watch dial.


How amazing is it to make any of your watches into smart watches?! Instead of buying a separate fitness tracker that clearly does not look as nice as a watch the CT BAND fits that void so you have both in one. It allows you to enjoy the sensors and features of a smart watch while keeping the elegance and expertise of traditional watchmaking.

How does it work?

With its panel of physiological and environmental sensors, CT BAND uses cutting edge electronics technologies (several patents pending). The CT BAND mobile app allows you to analyze at any time the data gathered on the strap. Notifications received on your smartphone and/or tablet are directly available on your strap through a screen pop-up.

The CT BAND comes with 3D Accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity, Physiological sensors, Environmental sensors and a Microphone. It’s battery life is 24-48 hours and takes an hour to charge. The CT Band smart strap synchronizes with most tablets and smartphones using either Android or IOS and it’s sync range is 10 to 20 meters.

The CT BAND is available in 3 finishes – silicone, leather, stitched-leather with 7 different colors. CT BAND is available for pre-order on for $149.00 and for more information about the CT BAND click here.

I think this is an awesome product and concept but I haven’t tested it yet. Hopefully they will send me one to review for Cutegeek or Hi-Tech Chic in 2017!


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2017 Mobility Awards at CES and List of Finalist

by on December 30th, 2016


AOTMP, a global leader in telecom management best practices and industry standards for enterprises and vendors, has recently announced finalists for the 2017 Mobility Awards. This coveted awards program, which has been in place since 2001, represents the most innovative, state-of-the-art mobile and wireless products and solutions in today’s market. The list of finalists is now available at

The annual 2017 Mobility Awards program includes 65 awards in 16 different categories ranging from SmartPhones to Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Nominations, which were received by companies and consumers alike, ended on November 29th; and a committee of both members of the press and mobility analysts then voted for the finalists, based on criteria specific to product/solution category. Continue Reading…

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Pico- The World’s First Automated Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

by on December 21st, 2016

picoSmart appliance demonstrations are one of my favorites to check out at any trade conference or event. I still laugh at when I was at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013 and did the Dacor demo of the Discovery Smart Oven. Throughout the entire Napa Valley Film Festival I kept getting texts saying my turkey was ready. Hilarious way for me to find out the product works.

This smart appliance I am all about, in fact if you can’t find me during CES I will probably will be at PicoBrew‘s booth at the Sands Expo booth #42157 on Level 2 checking out the Pico.

Why Nina? What is so cool about PicoBrew? What is Pico?pico2

All day at CES, PicoBrew will be demonstrating Pico, the world’s first automated craft beer brewing appliance and offering a daily menu of homemade IPA’s, ales, stouts and porters. You’ll also be the first to see their latest offering, Freestyle Crafter service. Craft beer lovers will be able to go online and customize the ingredients to make their own original craft beer to their liking.  PicoBrew then ships the Freestyle recipes, called PicoPaks, to these exact specifications.

The marketing and PR people that are throwing this together are genius in my books. How many times at CES do we need a break from the chaos and chill. It’s rare and especially if you are press like I am. Thanks to the kind people at PicoBrew you can enjoy a cold sample of fresh, quality craft beer, without having to leave the show floor. Genius I say, CES product strategy at its’ finest.

In addition to the samples, you will learn about: Continue Reading…

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HWBOT Invite Extreme and Ambient Overclockers to Learn and Compete in the First Ever West Coast U.S. World Tour Event

by on December 20th, 2016

hwbotAnnounced today, HWBOT confirms plans to host the first ever HWBOT Would Tour event on the West Coast of North America. The HWBOT World Tour Las Vegas event will be held at the GIGABYTE Suites on January 5th and 6th during the CES 2017 trade show. The event will start with a ‘Performance Matters’ launch event (with demos, speeches and a full blown party) followed by two days of overclocking workshops and contests, including the first Overclocking World Championship Qualifier.

The Overclocking World Championship Qualifier will be sponsored by GIGABYTE, Intel and Seasonic and is open to all Overclockers. Day one will feature a qualification round where Overclockers battle it out across three benchmarks in just three hours. The round will involve three benchmarks with Overclockers given processors from Intel’s latest product portfolio plus the latest motherboards from GIGABYTE. The top four will be invited to return for the Semi-Finals and Finals which will be based on the same 1v1 structure used in previous World Tour events.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite using the link below. Note: Attending Overclocker are asked to pledge $100 USD to book a seat in the HWBOT World Championship Qualifier. This will be reimbursed after attendance at the event.

Good Luck to all those attending the HWBOT World Tour during CES 2017!

Source and Direct Quotes from


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Cerevo Announces “Tipron” The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot to Launch Globally

by on December 9th, 2016

tipron_room_s-640x426If someone told me 10 years ago that we would have AI robots globally wondering around I wouldn’t have believed them. I believe that 2017 will be the year of robots and will involve several robots that will come to market. I have already informed you guys of 2 different Robot that are coming to market, the Hease and the Robot helper at SJC but guess what? It doesn’t stop there! There is yet another robot that is about to hit the scene!

Introducing Tipron the Internet Connected Projection Robot!

Tipron is a home robot that can automatically project an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 meters. He can move around your home by himself and project content such as movies, pictures and web pages on a wall, floor and ceiling. You can pre-set to him to project when, where and what type of content you’d like to see. Continue Reading…

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“The Bands” Launch

by on December 2nd, 2016


Press Release by Fit.Life*:

Los Angeles – Fit.Life, a company dedicated to improving personal health via technology-based products and services, has announced the launch of its new stylish line of fitness trackers at CES 2017. “The Bands” are a series of fashionable fitness wrist bands that combine luxurious style with the world’s most accurate fitness data tracking. Compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices, The Bands use unique algorithms based on the analysis of proven technology, which allows the user to set personalized goals based on their own fitness and physique, while taking into account any chronic illness the user might have.

Available in three styles (Luxury Waprolux Leather, Leather, and Silicon) as well as numerous color choices, “The Bands” combine fitness and fashion into a single, unique design. The Bands will be on display at the Fit.Life Booth #43902 Sands Expo.

“The Bands” are the perfect marriage of upscale sportwear, style, luxury, and technology,” said Tom LaVoie, VP of Sales for Fit.Life USA.  By combining unique esthetics with advanced technology, “The Bands” ushers in a new era of personal expression while also bringing fitness tracking to the next level.”

The Bands” provide 20 types of exercise guidelines that inform the user of calorie, fat, and carb consumption. While similar fitness trackers require the user to set their goals regardless of any health conditions or fitness level, “The Bands” allow the user to set goals based on their own unique fitness needs including physique, weight, and health history. It also provides an exercise management platform that allows the user to easily add new exercise programs to their routine.**

 Product Features:

•          Sleek Bracelet Design

•          Three Elegant Styles for Personal Expression

•          Available in Luxury Waprolux Leather, Leather, and Silicon

•          Multiple Color Choices

•          Compatible with Android and IOS

•          Clinically Proven Fitness Tracking Algorithms

•          Personal Exercise Programming Feature

•          Calorie, Fat, Carb Consumption Tracking

•          The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker Available

•          SRP: Luxury Waprolux $149.99; Leather $119.99; Silicon $99.99



*Original article dated 12/2/2016 has been edited per Fit.Life staff from Free Fit.Life Fitness Tracker for CES Media and “The Bands” Launch to just “The Bands” Launch.

**Complete press release solely provided by Fit.Life staff only and does not represent Nina’s views or opinions on said launch.

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Meet “Hease” the Retail Robot at CES 2017

by on November 30th, 2016

ces-robotI am getting excited about CES!! CES 2017 is going to be epic with new AI robots, drones and various VR products or games. Everyday I wake up to emails of new products that will be on display or launched at CES.  I have not said I was excited about CES since my first CES with Cutegeek years ago if that gives you any indication of how epic CES 2017 is said to be.

A couple days ago I wrote about the Robot Helpers at San Jose Airport that was launched in time for the holiday season and now we have another new robot introducing itself to the public at CES 2017.hease-robot-final-rendering-front

Hease is a new robot using artificial intelligence to provide guidance, deliver simple and complex information, offer coupons and deals, and retrieve data. Is it just me or does Hease look like Johnny 5 (is alive)? Continue Reading…

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Vivitek Unveils New Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector

by on November 9th, 2016

vivitekWhen I attend CES the Vivitek booth or table is one I always visit. Last year especially when they announced new Large Venue Laser Projector DU8090Z at CES 2016. I have no idea why I am infatuated with projectors, maybe it’s the inner geek or former Executive Assistant in me?

TODAY one of my favorite projector companies, Vivitek, announced their new Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector. The Vivitek’s Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector is an ultra-portable, weighing just 1lb, smart projector with AndroidÔ OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, App and mirroring support, and also features a built-in rechargeable battery for up to two hours of on-the-go projection. The Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector is equipped with HD720p resolution with full HD 1080p compatibility with 500 lumens of brightness and a 5,000:1 contrast for vivid and sharp images.

I personally hope I get a review unit of the Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector. It seems to have all the bells and whistle and very portable. In fact in my former days at Dell as an executive assistant the Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector would have come in handy. I also want to test the Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector indoors and outdoors to see the difference in the images being projected. Continue Reading…

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Registration for CES and Nina’s Infamous CES Checklist

by on October 24th, 2016

ces-logo-2016It’s that time again to start registering for CES and other events during CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Today registration for attendee’s general admission opened up and those wanting to attend CES can register here.

This year there is a great line-up of speakers and events inside the Las Vegas Convention Center and outside as well. As of today the line-up of keynote speakers that are confirmed are Jen-Hsun Huang (Founder, President and CEO of NVIDIA), Carlos Ghosn (Chairman and CEO Nissan Motor Corp., Ltd.) and Kevin Plank (Founder and CEO of Under Armour). Most events require a CES badge except for events outside the LV Convention Center or Sands Expo like LaunchFest.


Each year I have a check list for CES that continues to grow from lessons learned from past CESs. Below is my ever growing checklist and tips to help you plan your CES trip accordingly. Continue Reading…

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CES® 2017 Events, 50th Year Anniversary Celebration and Innovation Awards

by on August 26th, 2016

 Upcoming Events 

  • Innovate! and Celebrate – Register
    September 20-22, San Jose, CA
  • CES Unveiled Prague – Register
    October 20, Prague, Czech Republic
  • CES Unveiled Paris – Register
    October 25, Paris, France
  • CT Hall of Fame Dinner
    November 9, New York, NY
  • CES Unveiled New York
    November 10, New York, NY
  • CES Unveiled Las Vegas
    January 3, Las Vegas, NV
  • CES 2017
    January 5-8, Las Vegas, NV
  • CES Asia 2017
    June 7-9, Shanghai, China
**Information and pictures provided by CES and CTA.**
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