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Farewell to Cutegeek’s Mascot – Chloe the Wonder Dog

by on November 16th, 2016


Yesterday after months of ailments and complications with her heart murmur our beloved Chloe, Cutegeek’s Mascot from day one, passed away. She was 14 years old and she died in our arms in Austin, Texas. She was my best girl friend for 14 years!

Her kind heart and her bigger than life personality will forever be missed. I wanted to share these memories of product reviews, bloopers, and videos that Chloe had a cameo in for all our friends and family.

Chloe Participated in Many Product ReviewsIMG_2105

Time to pee Mom…


Mom pretty sure this is NOT for dogs…What am I? A Clown? Do I amuse you?!

I also wanted to share this rare recording from a year ago that I sang for my Tia, Mama Cass’s “Dream a Little Dream.” At the time it was just for my Tia but also so fitting for today.

We will always “Dream a Little Dream” of and for you Chloe.

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DabKick App and Statistics of What May Happen During Election Night

by on November 8th, 2016

DabKick is a new app. that lets you enjoy free online videos and music, photos, and web pix together with your friends – all while chatting and interacting live! This app is perfect for the Election today or any other major events you want to share with family and friends live.

DabKick also has new data about what will happen during Election Night where thousands of people are going to instantaneously share video… on why they’re moving to Canada. This statistic comes solely from DabKick, which fielded the survey amongst 63,586 – a subset of their overall user base  –  on November 2, 2016.

Here’s what they discovered when asked what video, if any, they would share instantaneously on Election Night:

  • 67% – Moving to Canada
  • 21% – To celebrate with my fellow Democrats when Clinton wins
  • 12% – To gloat to my Democratic friends when Trump wins

If you’re thinking WOW 67%? At least Canada is big enough to fit 2/3 of our nations population. These are just statics at this point; I seriously doubt we would all pick up and move to Canada over this election. Tad overdramatic if you ask me but the data doesn’t lie. They also had some interesting findings from the data gathered. Democrats wanted to celebrate a win with their fellow Democrats, while Republicans wants to gloat about Trump’s victory to the Democrats they know.  No Democrats said they wanted to gloat and no Republicans said they simply wanted to celebrate. Telling isn’t it?

Have a great election night chatting with your friends and family live using DabKick!


*Findings provided by DabKick
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IMAX® with Laser is Coming to Austin’s Bullock Museum

by on September 20th, 2016


As an Austin native I am excited to announce that Austin’s Bullock Museum will be THE first in Texas to feature IMAX® laser technology. It will be one of only a few in the world, to offer 2D and 3D movies using the new IMAX® with Laser system. The museum IMAX theatre has been closed for renovations for this new laser technology to be re-opened in October. For those geeks who have not visited the Bullock Museum this is a great opportunity to experience technology and history all in one beautiful museum located in the heart of downtown Austin.

The new laser projectors and enhanced 12-channel immersive audio systems are slated for full installation with the reopening in early October. The laser system will also include new 3D glasses that utilizes color filtering instead of the current 3D glasses that use polarized images. Combined with the use of two Laser 4K projectors, the Bullock Museum IMAX Theatre will offer the brightest, clearest 3D (and 2D) experience available.



I do have one small complaint and the same complaint I have with Oculus; can they make the design of the 3D glasses a tad more feminine? How will a lady look pretty for a date with these glasses on?

I have the unique opportunity to experience the new laser technology this week and will be posting event pictures and videos live plus tweeting at @nrpena, @cutegeek, and @hitechchic. Till then below is more information about the new IMAX® with Laser system’s movies and information on the Bullock Museum.

The Bullock Museum is located at 1800 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 and the hours are Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Join now to experience the Museum like a true VIP.

Members receive free admission to exhibitions and IMAX® documentary films, discounts and exclusive shopping events in the Museum Store, plus much more. Members see special exhibitions at private receptions while enjoying complimentary cocktails, light bites, and live entertainment, and also receive advance notice and discounts on a full calendar of events.  Member contributions leave a legacy for future Texans by supporting outstanding exhibitions, films, and programs.  A portion of all membership purchases are tax-deductible.

Membership Benefits

All members enjoy:


  • Unlimited exhibition admission for one year
  • Free parking passes
  • Reduced admission to over 300 history Museums and institutions via the Time Travelers Program


  • $3 off IMAX® Theatre feature film tickets on Member Movie Mondays and $1 off other days
  • Free tickets to IMAX documentary films and select Texas Spirit Theater shows

Events and Programs

  • Invitations to member-exclusive event and tours
  • Advance reservations and discounts to Museum programs
  • Travel opportunities around the glove through Museum Travel Alliance




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Logitech K780 Multi-Device: One Keyboard for Any Device

by on September 14th, 2016


I am a huge Logitech fan since I got my first PC. Their products are always of high quality and very innovative. Today they announced the new Logitech K780 Multi- Device wireless keyboard which offers quiet and responsive typing, 10 key number pad, USB and Bluetooth® Smart technology, and connects to multiple devices like your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Here is a great video that showcases the Logitech K780 Multi- Device wireless keyboard versatility and usability:

The K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is available today at for a suggested retail price of $79.99 and below is the official press release with more information.

Logitech K780 Multi-Device: One Keyboard for Any Device

Latest Keyboard from Logitech Rewrites the Rules of Desktop Typing for the Modern Workspace

LAUSANNE, Switzerland & NEWARK, Calif. — Sept. 14, 2016 —Today Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) announced Logitech K780 Multi-Device: One Keyboard for Any Device

Tweet now: Rewrite the rules. @Logitech introduces the K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for the modern workspace.

“When it comes to typing we can create a document quickly and comfortably on the computer, but when answering a text message on the phone we’re limited to what our two thumbs can do,” said Art O Gnimh, global director of keyboards at Logitech. “Now with the K780 Multi-Device, you can type comfortably at desktop speed on all the devices that you use at your desk, seamlessly switching between them with the touch of a button.”

The K780 Multi-Device offers quiet and responsive typing. The keys are large and carefully scooped for typing comfort and precision, while a convenient 10-key pad makes it easy to enter numbers. An integrated rubber slot with a soft finish securely cradles a variety of mobile devices at a perfect reading angle, from smartphones to the 12” iPad ProTM. The keyboard is slim and solidly built, designed to look good in a modern home or office environment.

The K780 Multi-Device adapts to your devices, so whether you are using a Windows® PC or iPhone®, the key layout is familiar and you can even access your favorite shortcuts. With both a Logitech Unifying™ USB and Bluetooth® Smart technology, you can choose the best way to connect to your computer, phone or tablet.

With a power-saving idle mode and an on/off switch, the K780 Multi-Device offers up to 24-months of battery life – plenty of time to get used to a new way of multi-tasking, by typing on all your devices with a single keyboard.


The K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is available today at for a suggested retail price of $79.99. For more information, please visit, our blog or connect with us on Facebook.

About Logitech

Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people’s lives, connecting them to the digital experiences they care about. Over 30 years ago, Logitech started connecting people through computers, and now it’s designing products that bring people together through music, gaming, video and computing. Founded in 1981, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). Find Logitech at, the company blog or @Logitech.

# # #

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New York Fashion Week Live Stream

by on September 12th, 2016


As New York Fashion Week continues there are a few live streams of the runway shows. I was not able to attend this years (or last years) New York Fashion Week so the live steam is a great alternative so you don’t miss out on shows.

Here is also a link for the New York Fashion Week  schedule:

Happy NYC Fashion Week my Cutegeek Fashionistas and enjoy the live streams throughout the week!!

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ATX Classic Game Fest 2016

by on August 1st, 2016

Classic Game FestThis weekend I attended the Classic Game Fest in Austin, Texas. To be honest if it wasn’t for the fact that it was in Austin and Tekforce was performing I probably wouldn’t have stayed long. Not that it’s not cool; I’ve been going to so many gaming conferences I am conferenced out (that and getting probed by teenage boy’s light sabers in my bum gets annoying real quick).

Classic 7

Since the Classic Game Fest is all about retro games there was not any major announcements and mostly us geeks playing all the games we use to love as a kid. The Classic Game Fest included 45,000 square feet of about 6,000 retro video games at the Palmer Events Center in Austin. There was also several different booths where you can purchase old school game cartridges, accessories and memorabilia of games from Atari, Sega, and Nintendo. I did not expect to see the various rows of old school gaming on Macs (Apple 2 I believe) and PCs; took me back to kindergarten.

classic 1

One of my favorite booths was Geekazoid that has customizable cases for your smart phone. A true geek is always excited to customize their technology. Geekazoid also has some unique case designs like the Edgar Allan Poe Cell Phone Case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. To check out more of Geekazoid’s designs and unique products or accessories click here.

Classic Nina

In true Nina fashion while at Classic Game Fest I asked random people I don’t know to take a picture with me. It’s amazing how many people immediately agree. The Flashion Statement shirt does attract allot of people.

Lastly the Tekforce performance which also included MegaRan, Doug Funnie and 1-up was awesome. I first saw Tekforce perform in Dallas after a grueling day of Comic Con and it was a breath of fresh air considering I was at the convention center all day. I was also avoiding a few annoying people by going to a show outside the convention center. It was the first time I ever saw Tekforce and the performance of “Level Up.” I was intrigued considering it’s a rap about gaming and we all know how much I love rap and hip hop.

Classic 5

Interestingly enough at the Classic Game Fest Tekforce performed at the convention center instead. To my amazement I spent more time at the convention center than I intended to or normally do because of Tekforce. Take notes for those who plan major conventions; having a live band or performance in the convention center makes people stay longer. Besides the wackadoodle chick trying to dance with me during the entire show it was cool to see MegaRan, Doug Funnie and 1-up perform with Tekforce considering I haven’t seen them all on stage. To check out more of Tekforce’s music or to buy a CD click here.

All and all it was another successful technology convention. I actually got approach by few people that have been Cutegeek fans for a while and they knew me! How cool is that?! Sometimes I wonder if people actually read my posts and this was validation they do and they like my articles.

Below are a few more videos of from the Classic Game Fest and Tekforce performance. Enjoy and see you all at the next tech convention!


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Sprint Unveils Second TV Ad Starring Paul Marcarelli

by on July 25th, 2016

I think this is one of the most clever and strategic marketing campaigns currently. It’s like Geico hiring Flo from Progessive. For those who haven’t seen the new commercials Sprint hired the actor, Paul Marcarelli, who used to ask if you “Could Hear Me Now” from Verizon. To give you an example of how fast this new campaign is growing the original TV ad featuring Marcarelli has been viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube. PERO WOW!

Today Sprint unveils the second TV Ad staring Paul Marcarelli and will make its debut tonight on CBS, NBC and FOX. If you are a commercial junky like me I suggest DVR’ing all three shows LOL.

The ad campaign will continue on cable and network stations nationwide and in print and digital channels. The Out-of-home and radio advertising featuring Marcarelli will also continue. Additionally, fans can follow Marcarelli on Twitter @ThatWirelessGuy. To watch the full-length ad, please visit:

Below is the Official Press Release:

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – July 25, 2016 – Sprint (NYSE: S) today introduces the second TV spot in its wildly popular advertising campaign starring Paul Marcarelli, the actor who used to ask if you could hear me now for Verizon. The original TV ad featuring Marcarelli has been viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube. And, the company recently became postpaid net port positive against all three national carriers for the first time in over five years.

The message in the second TV spot continues to be loud and clear: Sprint has a vastly improved network and customers can save 50% off most rate plans offered by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. In today’s world of wireless competition and overall improved networks, customers can get a highly reliable wireless experience with Sprint without overpaying for it.

Sprint asks consumers in the ad: Why pay twice as much for less than 1% difference in network reliability? Marcarelli, most recognizable for previously testing the Verizon network, is a perfect fit to convey Sprint’s network message of improved performance. Not only is Marcarelli starring in the ads, but, like millions of others, he has switched to Sprint and is now a happy customer.

This second round of Sprint advertising featuring Marcarelli will make its debut tonight on CBS, NBC and FOX. The ad campaign will continue on cable and network stations nationwide and in print and digital channels. Out-of-home and radio advertising featuring Marcarelli will also continue. Additionally, fans can follow Marcarelli on Twitter @ThatWirelessGuy. To watch the full-length ad, please visit:

“The response to Paul and this advertising campaign has been overwhelming,” said Marcelo Claure, president and CEO, Sprint. “It has been one of the most successful ad campaigns in company history. Paul is able to deliver the message that Sprint has made significant improvements in its network performance, and reinforces that customers have taken notice. Just like Paul did, millions of other wireless users have made the switch to Sprint because they recognize we are one of the best values and that our network has made significant reliability improvements. Lots of people can hear that.”

Network Reliability and Value

The reliability network claim referenced in the ads is substantiated by Sprint’s analysis of drive test data from Nielsen – covering the top 106 metropolitan markets in the U.S. This data shows that Sprint’s reliability now beats T-Mobile’s and performs within 1% of AT&T and Verizon.

 It’s easy to make the switch, like Marcarelli did, and save 50% off the price of most Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile standard rate plans. Customers who switch get 50% off most current competitor rate plan prices, with savings until May 31, 2018. And, Sprint will pay switching fees up to $650 per line via an American Express® Reward Card after online registration and phone turn-in. Also, today is a great time to try Sprint with its 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, Sprint will refund your money.

 About Sprint

Sprint (NYSE: S) is a communications services company that creates more and better ways to connect its customers to the things they care about most. Sprint served more than 59.4 million connections as of June 30, 2016 and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; leading no-contract brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America for the past five years. You can learn more and visit Sprint at or and


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by on July 5th, 2016

Rock Band, Harmonix and I have a long relationship since I started Cutegeek 7 years ago. The Beatles Rock band Release at E3 2009 had me up on stage (and we all know I do not like getting on stage) singing and ripping it up on the drums.  

I recently got word that one of my favorite all time songs has been added to the Rock Band line up, Pixies “Where is my mind?!”  They are also adding one of my all-time favorite singer/ song writer Billy Joel! See the press release below.

BOSTON, MA – July 1, 2016 – Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. announced today that eight new songs will be added to the Rock Band™ DLC music library this month. The first two songs will be available on both Xbox One and PlayStation®4 Tuesday, July 5 for $1.99 per track:

  • Hinder “Lips Of An Angel”
  • Pixies “Where Is My Mind?”

The remaining artists set to join Rock Band in July are listed below, with specific tracks to be announced and made available throughout the month:

  • Bastille
  • Billy Joel
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Brian Setzer
  • Fuel
  • Third Eye Blind

Rock Band 4 is currently available for play on both Xbox One and PlayStation®4 with a suggested retail price of $59.99.

About Rock Band
Called “the new benchmark for rhythm gaming” by GamesRadar+, Rock Band 4 delivers the ecstatic rush of a live full-band game experience like never before. Rock Band 4 builds on the core gameplay people love with brand new features. Rock Band has seen regular updates following its launch last year, including the introduction of Brutal Mode and Practice mode. An expansion for Rock Band 4, Rock Band Rivals, will be released in fall 2016.Last December, Oculus and Harmonix announced Rock Band VR, a completely new music simulation experience coming exclusively to the Oculus Rift later this year.

For more information on Rock Band and to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements, head over to the Rock Band 4 blog or follow @RockBand on Twitter for updates.

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E3 2016- My Recap

by on June 24th, 2016


E3 this year was a blast and probably the largest one I have attended with 70,000 attendees. I decided that I would be Where’s Waldo costume so people can find me as press. I had over 50 people say “I FOUND YOU!”IMG_6551

When I started making my way to the South Hall there was an actual Jazz Band walking back and forth from the two halls with a crew of people following them with umbrellas; it was an interesting site to see at E3.

My first stop at E3 was the Samsung booth because I wanted to see Lil Wayne and check out his new game, Sqvad up. Unfortunately he rescheduled it to the following day.

Samsung 1

Samsung this year had many different sections in the booth but the one that stands out is Gear VR and VR Rollercoaster powered by Oculus. I wasn’t able to ride the rollercoaster because the line was very long. I did get to try out the Gear VR powered by Oculus and game with it. I learned how to game using the Oculus and also how to game with 360° capabilities. It was pretty cool!

As I continue on to another booth there was this band playing called Super Soul Bros (get it). Their stage had different decorations from Super Mario Bros and they played some of the songs from different games. They also had an amazing 3 piece horns section and most their songs where instrumental.

E3 3

As I was walking towards the back of the hall from afar I saw huge domes. Curious I had to stop by to see what they were and as I get closer I see the 360 degree Pro Domes. While at E3 SAMSKARA featured a collection of Android’s best-loved animated images in a 3D narrative, projected in a 360 degree dome. There are different sized domes and the largest will fit around 25 people. Walking into each doom was a cool experience but I had one question; who in the world can fit the large dome in their living room?


While at E3 Lego Dimensions announced the A-Team, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters and Harry Potter franchises that will arrive as physical Lego figures. I had the unique opportunity to be at the announcement and watch gamers compete against each other in the Lego booth. The big topic at E3 I think this year (besides VR) was Star Wars. I played the Star Wars game in the booth and it was pretty cool. I love the beginning story. Lastly I was leaving the booth when I saw a city entirely made of about 50,000 Legos.


My favorite games E3 was the PS4 Gran Turismo booth. They had these space ship or bumper car (maybe both) where you can test out the game and compete with others in the booth playing.  It was so much fun; I admit I crashed a bunch so much so people started laughing at me or maybe it was the Waldo costume or maybe it was just seeing Waldo behind the steering wheel.

Lil Wayne at the Samsung stage was my last booth I visited before I flew back home. This show was EPIC! They set up a mini half pike with skateboarder doing tricks throughout the show. Lil Wayne of course was amazing and I got pretty darn close to the stage.

He played for a good hour and the crowd was manageable, not nearly as crowded as I thought. He also announced his new game “Sqvad Up.” This was the best rap show I experienced, maybe because there not that many people and it was intimate with a limited amount of people allowed in.

I also visited the Ubisoft, Mafia III, T-Mobile, Xbox, Nintendo and WB booths but I didn’t have the time to fully check out any games. Some major announcements during E3 were Xbox One S, Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, New Star Wars game for PlayStation VR, and many more these are just ones I attended.

All in all it was an effective and fun E3 just like years in the past; see all you guys next year.


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Space Foundation Accepting Nominations for Space Technology 2017 Hall of Fame

by on May 17th, 2016

I’ve always been fascinated with Space and NASA; I even had a relative that worked there in Houston!  I recently got Google Fiber and found the NASA channel; the documentaries are amazing if you haven’t seen them. Being in technology I worked with several amazing engineers, inventors, and innovators of new technology. NASA1

I encourage everyone to take a step back and think WHO should be nominated and inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. It’s time to nominate a colleague female or male of their contributions to science, technology and space for this great planet we live on.

ANYONE can submit a nomination of a technology that was developed anywhere in the world for use in space and then modified or adopted for use on Earth.

Below is the press release including the deadline to submit a nomination which is Monday, Aug. 15, 2016 and also how you can nominate your friend, family member or colleague into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

May the FORCE be with you all potential nominees, GOOD LUCK and GOD SPEED!

Space Foundation is Now Accepting Nominations for Space Technology Hall of Fame® 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (May 16, 2016) — The Space Foundation is now seeking nominations for induction into the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame® in 2017. This international program honors innovations by organizations and individuals who transform space technology into commercial products that improve life on Earth.

The Space Technology Hall of Fame recognizes the life-changing technologies emerging from global space programs; honors the scientists, engineers and innovators responsible; and communicates to the public the importance of these technologies as a return on investment in space exploration.

The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, Aug. 15, 2016. Anyone may submit a nomination of a technology that was developed anywhere in the world for use in space and then modified or adopted for use on Earth.

Nomination information, including online and downloadable nomination forms, is available at or contact

Induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for 2017 will take place on April 6 at the Space Foundation’s 33rd Space Symposium, to be held at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The 2016 inductees are:

  • Medtronic LaRC-SI, revolutionary insulation for the treatment of heart irregularities
  • Radar Technologies International WATEX, using satellite technology to locate water

Other inductees have included energy-saving technologies, health improvement technologies, satellite and telecommunication technologies and practical commercial devices. Some examples are the automatic external defibrillator; non-invasive breast biopsy technology; anti-shock garments; LASIK eye surgery; implantable pacemakers and hearing aids; and technologies that power cellular phones, terrestrial networks and satellite broadcast television and radio communications, a low-density, light-weight flexible aerogel insulating material; and a high-resolution optical sensing system that detects forest fires before they can cause serious environmental damage.

Each nomination is reviewed for completeness, assessed by technical experts and then ranked by a prestigious panel of judges who look at economic benefit, public awareness, societal benefit, longevity and public/private/partnership investment.

Additional information about the Space Technology Hall of Fame®, including a complete list of inducted technologies, is available at

About the Space Foundation
Founded in 1983, the Space Foundation is the foremost advocate for all sectors of space, and is a global, nonprofit leader in space awareness activities, educational programs and major industry events, including the annual
Space Symposium, in support of its mission “to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.” Space Foundation World Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, has a public Discovery Center, including El Pomar Space Gallery, Northrop Grumman Science Center featuring Science On a Sphere® and the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center. The Space Foundation has a field office in Houston and conducts government affairs from its Washington, D.C., office. It publishes The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity and through its Space CertificationTM and Space Technology Hall of Fame® programs, recognizes space-based innovations that have been adapted to improve life on Earth. Visit, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and YouTube, and read our e-newsletter Space Watch.