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Want to Avoid New Bank Fees? Try One of These 3 Free Checking Accounts

by on October 19th, 2011

Bank customers are not happy. With more big banks imposing new banking fees without improving their services, consumers are becoming more vocal than ever. But how many of those customers will be walking away from their banks? Will you?

If you’re considering switching, but don’t know where to turn, Credit Karma has done some research for you into some of the best free checking accounts. Check out these three suggestions and decide whether or not you should make the switch.

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What’s in a Credit Score: Your Credit Portfolio

by on September 21st, 2011


cg score

For the past couple of months, we’ve been brushing up on credit scores. At, credit scores are our bread-and-butter and we like to spread the knowledge with all of you Cute Geek readers.

Our first installment discussed how your credit utilization rate affects your credit score. Then we covered what factors in your credit history impact your score. For this final installment, we’ll be talking about how your credit portfolio factors into your credit score.

The two main pieces of your credit portfolio are the average age of your open credit lines and your total number of credit accounts.

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What’s in a Credit Score: Your Credit History

by on August 19th, 2011


cg score

At, we know credit scores. We know the ins and outs, what keeps them strong and what damages them. We’re sharing some of that knowledge with you CuteGeek readers so that you can take control of your credit life.

Last time, we discussed your credit utilization rate and how important it is in determining your credit score. Today, we’ll talk about how different aspects of your credit history factor into your credit score. The two main pieces in your credit history are your percentage of on-time payments and number or derogatory marks.

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What’s in a Credit Score: Your Credit Utilization Rate

by on July 21st, 2011


cg score

At Credit Karma we like to geek out about one topic a lot: credit scores. We get so excited talking about credit scoring and credit score ranges that you’d think we are talking about the latest Harry Potter movie.

Today, we want to share our geekfest with you. That’s why we’re starting this CuteGeek series all about what goes into calculating your credit score. By knowing what makes up your credit score, you’re better equipped to manage your credit health. Let’s break down one of the six key factors that goes into your credit score: your credit utilization rate. We’ll also talk about what you can do to make sure you’re on the road to continued credit health.

First, a quick overview of credit scores.
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Credit Karma Tidbit #6: Buying vs. Leasing a Car

by on June 24th, 2011

It’s time for you to replace the car you’ve been driving around since high school. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to “The Silver Bullet” (or whatever you’ve nicknamed your vehicle), but now you’re faced with your next important decision: Should you get an auto loan or lease a car?

Some people are able to save up the cash to pay for a new or used car outright, but many of us will be paying for a lease or loan for several years. In fact, four in ten of us are currently paying on an auto loan, according to the latest Credit Karma data.

One great thing to note is that both options, whether you lease or buy, can help you build your credit. But there are also several differences between the two financing options. Here are some helpful guidelines to get you started.

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Credit Karma Tidbit #5: Tackling Credit Card Debt with Balance Transfers

by on May 13th, 2011

Credit card debt. Most of us have it. 92%, according to Credit Karma data. And it’s not just on one credit card. We’re hacking away at an average of about $6,500 in debt across six different credit cards.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to work on paying off that debt. Most people choose to pay each bill separately and try to manage them all at once. But juggling several credit card payments with different interest rates can be overwhelming, and often times you won’t know where to start or which card to pay off first . But there’s another way. And it’s called a balance transfer card.
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Tips for Paying Back Your Student Loans

by on April 13th, 2011

The average college student is facing some difficult facts:

–          More young people are going to college, which means more young people are taking out student loans. In 2009, more than 70% of graduating high school students enrolled in college, the highest percentage on record.

–          A CollegeBoard report stated that the number of student loans issued in the 2009-2010 school year increased 10% from the previous year. Of the estimated $154.46 billion in student financial aid, 43% came in the form of federal student loans.

–          The latest Credit Karma data shows that the average consumer has $29,151 in student loans.

–          The Class of 2011 will be graduating into an economy with a 9.2% unemployment rate.

Is your head spinning from all the numbers yet? It’s very possible that this generation’s graduates will be in more student loan debt than Americans have ever had to face.

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Credit Karma Tidbit #4: How to Choose a Retirement Plan

by on March 14th, 2011

When it comes to your financial well-being, it’s easy to think about the present, like which credit card you should choose or how to monitor and plan out ways to improve your credit score. But it’s much more difficult to plan for your financial future.

Retirement seems so far away for many of us, but it’s something we need to start thinking about today.

Plan for your retirement today and, years from now, you can enjoy the fruits of that planning. So if you’re ready to start saving for your retirement—or if you’re already saving, but want to make sure you’ve made the right choice— check out this quick guide to find the right fund for you.
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Web Wednesday – &

by on March 2nd, 2011

In lieu of exhibiting just one website today, we decided to do two because they go hand in hand. The first one is – this is a website that uses various forms of technology to bring you the latest and greatest (most applicable) financial advice. Why? Because everyone is filing their taxes, receiving their tax refunds and then throwing their money away. Rob Wilson knows something most of us don’t…MONEY. Check out his website for weekly financial segments, taken from a local Pittsburgh television station-KDKA.

The other website is – in his own words, Rob says “In an effort to use the popularity of sports to teach people about finance, investing and the stock market, I’ve created a new online competition called March Money Madness. It works just like filling out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament, only instead of using 64 college basketball teams, I use 64 stocks!
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Favorite Website of the Week:

by on December 26th, 2010

I don’t typical post these on a Sunday but I absolutely had to because the best sales of the year (besides Black Friday) come right after Christmas and today & tomorrow are the last days to take advantage of most of them.
is a good site to bookmark, and check on a frequent basis because of the plethora of deals that they post.

I don’t know anyone who loves to throw away money, but I do love to get a bang for my buck so I had to share this e-wealth.

Enjoy 🙂

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