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Nike Training Club, my favorite get-fit app

by on June 19th, 2012

Hello my fitgeeks! It’s been a while, but I’m back. A little move, a little job change…life had temporarily taken me away.

Even though things have been pretty hectic, I still manage to squeeze in some exercise here and there. Which brings me to the Nike Training Club, my new love (app love). 😉 I LOVE THIS THING. It has four choices for exercise sets: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong and Get Focused. Each of these features 3 different difficulty levels for beginner through advanced fitgeeks.

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Coolest Travel Charger Yet

by on January 9th, 2012

I’ve always thought that cell phones, iPhones, and the like should automatically stop charging when the battery is full.
Why? Because it would preserve your battery for a longer time and your gadget would have a longer life span. This year at CES my dream is coming true, well in a way…

The folks at Bracketron created something called a Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger.

The charger automatically senses when your device is fully charged and cuts off the power! They aren’t available yet. The official unveiling of the Travel Charger is this week at CES.

The product is intended on being planet friendly, so we don’t waste electricity and at the same time we save on our utility bills.  Personally, I think this is great for both the earth as well as extending the lives of our beloved products! I know that I’m definitely guilty of leaving my phone charging overnight…which is MUCH longer than it requires to be plugged in. I need one …NEED one of these… or 3 of them… 😉

Would you use the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger?

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Work-it, Walk it Girlfriend.

by on January 5th, 2012

Happy New Year Cutegeeks!

Some of you may believe in new year resolutions, because it gives you an opportunity, or the illusion of starting fresh. Many folks make resolutions to  loose some extra pounds, or something to a similar effect. If you’re one of those people, don’t do it for the pounds, to it for your quality of life, energy, and to live longer!

Watch this video from Lifehacker: A Half-Hour Walk Can Make a Big Difference, Even If It’s Your Only Activity

The video was made by a doctor who is passionate about preventive care. His main point is, go on a walk, get up and move for 30 minutes. Why? Because out of everything else you can do for your health, mild activity shows the most improvement for everything from diabetes, dimensia, and decreases bone fractures (because you’re making your muscles stronger which make your bones stronger).

He also mentions how even if your activity doesn’t cause you to loose weight, exercising regardless will boost your life expectancy!

So go on, get some comfy shoes on and “walk like an eqyptiaaaaaan”.

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Gifts that give back – Help Women Survivors of War

by on December 1st, 2011

Ok, come on everyone say it with me… technology blows my mind. I’m not talking about a typical gadget on your holiday shopping list.

This is about how technology allows us to touch the lives of those you never thought possible. A friend of mine posted about this website, Women for Women and I couldn’t help but share it with my fellow Cutegeeks!

“Our Vision: Women for Women International envisions a world where no one is abused, poor, illiterate or marginalized; where members of communities have full and equal participation in the processes that ensure their health, well-being and economic independence; and where everyone has the freedom to define the scope of their life, their future and strive to achieve their full potential.”

This organization helps women get the training, leadership education and tools they need to become active citizens. They were awarded the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize and recognized by CNN, BBC, and CBS for their efforts.

Women for Women International launched their Winter 2011 Gifts that Give Back program. You can donate by one of their four categories: Organic Farming, job skill training, animals, or education. There are multiple levels of contributions and you can pick which particular thing you want to give, like rulers and pencils for school!  Continue Reading…

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Worried where your seafood is coming from — Seafood Watch App!

by on November 17th, 2011

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has started a program called Seafood Watch.

If you’re concerned about eating ocean-friendly food (and nutritious), then this app is right for you!

The Seafood Watch program started with pocket guides featuring safe seafood depending on region. Now they have apps for the iPhone and Android devices! The app allows you to search seafood by Best Choice, Good Alternatives and seafood that should be avoided because they are farmed in harmful ways.

The app allows you to add/tag restaurants with the “best choice” seafood so that others can search for them as well, knowing that they are great places to eat! It also features a section with  new-stories and breakthroughs in the seafood industry.

So, perhaps you don’t eat seafood, or you might not care at all…but this is truly a great way to know that you’re putting delicious, nutritious and economically friendly food in your body.  Think about it this way, right now a food industry is researching ways to grow salmon 4 times faster…would you really want to knowingly eat that genetically altered Salmon?

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If you’re a read-a-holic, check-out

by on November 17th, 2011

I missed website Wednesday, so I’m posting this now. 🙂 

I have never been a big reader, I know, I know, my sister is a librarian…what happened to me, right?  Well recently I have become a mini-bookworm, I feel like I’m 10 years old and I just re-discovered imagination! <–thank you HUNGER GAMES!

However, my biggest struggle has always been finding new books to read.

Where do you start?

Why I love it:
The thing that is cool about good reads, is you can share the books you are reading with your friends. You can save the ones you want to read in the future, and rate the ones you have previously read. You can view updates from your friends and add their books to your ‘shelf’

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VITAband – the future of medical bracelets

by on September 27th, 2011

VITAband – The future for medical ID bracelets.  

As an extreme sports enthusiast, (or so I claim to be ;-)), I’m really excited about the VITAband. The VITAband is essentially a new-age medical ID bracelet. How? Well each bracelet comes with an imprinted personal identification number (VITAnumber). So, should anything happen to you a first-responder can call the VITAband number to access your personal information.

On the VITA website you can set up your profile to include medications, allergies, and emergency contacts. But wait, theres MORE…the VITAband also features Visa payWave (contact-less payment). It’s a prepaid card so you don’t have to worry about someone running off with your fortune.

The VITAband is great for anyone into hiking, cycling, running (marathon training..whoa!) and lastly climbing (or you can wear it because it’s sweet).

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Free Starbucks Coffee! (Well, it used to be)

by on August 17th, 2011

Have you heard about “Jonathan’s Card”?  A gentleman was doing a social/technological experiment and it involved Starbucks coffee.

He made his Starbucks card available on his website, and yes you guessed it, he made it available to ANYONE. He even had a twitter account open that was updated with the card’s balance. One of the things that GOOD reports is how many people not only used the card, but actually contributed and donated to it’s balance! (People can be so sweet!) I am sorry to report, but as of this past Friday, the card has been shut down by Starbucks (see  Jonathan’s note on his website). Is this the future of how we will make payments at stores, not only Starbucks. No more plastic? Can you imagine?

Would you use an app on your phone to pay for your coffee?  Another question, would you be concerned about the security around having your credit card so readily available?

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Geek Pride: Kate and Paulina

by on May 25th, 2011

Two of my most favorite Cutegeeks: My sister the “Super Information Investigator” Paulina and “Excel Master” Kate


Firefox Add-on

by on May 25th, 2011

Hehe, I had to! Happy Geek Pride Day everyone!

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