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Girls Out Loud Episode 18: Meanhead Tech Pundits SUCK

by on November 12th, 2010

This week on the Girls Out Loud Show, get ready for a new voice on set! Cristina couldn’t record a show so Maya got her friend Jenn to fill in, and we’re in for a treat! Maya and Jenn got emotional over John C Dvorak’s brash outpourings about Google, were ashamed for Digg when they’re not ashamed of themselves, questioned the Twitter+Ping partnership, pondered the rise of our tablet society, and cheered on streaming music over downloads. The more girls, the merrier!
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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

by on October 11th, 2010

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio SeriesThe Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is a new series Microsoft rolled out in time for the holidays. The set has a “bold and sophisticated” selection of designs and colors, which really means 6 different patterns on the same mouse to choose from. The mouse I received to test drive is light pink with flowers, very girly. It’s not something I would have chosen for myself, but it’s not altogether unattractive either. First thing I noticed, before even unpacking, is that I like the click sound— I could feel and hear it through the package. Call me weird for differentiating between click sounds, but its kind of like a keyboard— the click sound could be sharp and loud, or dull and calm. This one has a nice, calm click sound that won’t be too distracting in a quiet place.

Out of the box, the mouse came with a Duracell battery (thanks, Microsoft!) which is supposed to last me 10 months, a couple of instruction manuals (really? For a mouse?), an installation CD, and its teeny USB dongle, which is has a very sci-fi name: the nano-transceiver. I have a Mac, and so did not open the CD, instead choosing to plug my USB dongle in and turn the mouse on— voila! It worked! I love Mac. Continue Reading…

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Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker Review

by on October 11th, 2010

pic of Logitech Z515 speakersI like my music loud. Like bass throbbing, booty shaking loud. That’s why, sometimes when I’m cooking, I put the music on in the living room, where the media center is, really loud. It needs to be that loud because I can’t hear its full eardrum shaking, body bouncing rhythms well enough in the kitchen, over the loudness of the fan and the things I have sizzling on the stove. And then my boyfriend comes in and yells at me for not being considerate of the neighbors and listening too loud. Well, with Logitech’s Wireless Speaker Z515, that problem will be no more!

This little wireless speaker unit is compact but powerful– you can listen to music up to 50 feet away from your laptop (or iPad/iPhone, which it is also compatible with via Bluetooth!) Except for an occasional warbling of the sound, which can be due to any sort of momentary changes in internet connection or signal strength, the speakers sound great. Continue Reading…


Motorola Oasis Handsfree Review

by on October 11th, 2010

Motorola Oasis headsetI am very afraid of driving and talking on my phone. But I will be the first to concede that there are times where you just have to— like when you’re driving on a work errand that’s urgent and your boss calls you while you’re on your way…its practically a guarantee that that’s urgent too. So how to bridge the divide between my fraidy cat tendencies and needing to answer, a place which has me hurriedly accepting the call and then punching the screen near where it says “Speaker” before dropping the phone into my lap while I struggle to hear what’s being said? Why, a Bluetooth handsfree, of course! Continue Reading…

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VTech LS6245— Your new “landline-like” phone!

by on October 10th, 2010

pic of the VTech handsetMy friends came over my apartment last week and saw this VTech unit sitting in its base on a counter. They recoiled, then said to me in surprise, “You have a landline?” Friends, I do not. I don’t actually know many folks my age who still do because, really, what’s the point? (Other than in the case of an emergency in a power outage, but hopefully the remaining battery in my cell phone and laptop will enable me to use the internet to send a call someone’s way.) The one funny quirk of only having a cell phone, however, is needing to carry it around with you in the house wherever you go, because if you get a call in one room while sitting in another, you can expect 42 worries voicemails from your mom when she can’t reach you and doesn’t know where you are. Continue Reading…


Girls Out Loud Show Episode 11: Everyone Wants to be a Ninja

by on September 16th, 2010

You know, I really want to think through what we talked about– I know we discussed IBM v. HP and now Oracle, the brand spankin new Twitter design, and a really interesting study about how children use the internet…but honestly, I am too distracted with flying ninja stars and dresses made out of meat. Wouldn’t you be, too?


IBM v. Everyone

Kids on the Web

Flying Ninja Stars!

Oh god…the Meat Dress

To download, simply right-click and “Save As” to your computer– that way you can load it onto your mp3 player!

Girls Out Loud Episode 11


Back to School: HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One Printer Review

by on September 7th, 2010

As back to school is upon us once again, I know many folks are going to be on the market for new supplies and gear. When I needed my own printer to take to college with me, I lucked out in that when I bought a laptop, the back to school special at the electronics retailer I hit up got me my little Canon printer for free! However, if you’re on the market to actually pay cash money for a machine, I reviewed a unit from HP that I wanted to share.

The HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One is certainly a mouthful. Here are some key things to know: it is in fact, a true all in one device– it can print, scan, copy, and fax. It is modeled with an upper tray paper feed and a regular one, which makes it look a lot more like a “professional” printer than a regular home model. It has wireless capabilities, so you can hook it up to your home network and send documents to print without beng hardwired, which to me is always a plus. It’s quite pretty, aesthetically. Finally, it only costs about $95, depending on where you purchase it (that quote came from Amazon).  For the price, even if some of the “all-in-one” functionality were broken, you’d have a solid printer purchase!

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Back to School: HP Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer

by on September 7th, 2010

HP went and did it again. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly keep packing funky new features into printers, they figured out a way to do it with the Photosmart e-All-in-One. I have seen printers with their own web apps (from HP), touchscreens (from HP again), and now, a whole e-printing functionality that assigns you and your printer a special email– that way, you can send things straight to your printer at home by emailing that address no matter where you are, whenever!

The functionality is called ePrint, and I can think of nothing handier when you’re studying in a library and use a foreign machine to look up some research. If you find something handy, you can email it straight to your printer! You can even send email with attachments (like .jpgs, .pdfs, etc) straight to the dedicated address you get when you sign up for ePrint, and boom– its all set and in your feeder tray when you need it.
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Girls Out Loud Show Episode 10: Women in Tech… We Will Conquer That in Time Too

by on September 6th, 2010

In Episode 10 of the Girls out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina talk about the issue that we’ve tried to avoid long enough on the show – the lack of women in the tech industry. There isn’t just one answer to the question ‘Why aren’t there more women in the tech industry?’ and we give you our complicated thoughts on the matter. We also talk about the ex-Paypal talent all throughout the tech industry, the possible Sykpe acquisition, and the ever looming death of Myspace (just to end it on a positive note). Take a listen!

Too Few Women In Tech? Stop Blaming The Men.

My Challenge to Michael Arrington & TechCrunch (Hint: it’s Not Hard)

Women in Tech: How Anonymity Contributes to the Problem

O’Brien: Considering The PayPal Mafia’s place in Silicon Valley history

Why Skype is perfect for Cisco

MySpace finally plugs into Facebook

To download, simply right-click and “Save As” to your computer.

Girls Out Loud Episode 10

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Roxio Creator 2011, or, make your pictures and videos 3D!

by on August 24th, 2010

My Roxio 3D glasses.

Roxio, the software company behind a variety of disc burning software (VHS to DVD, CDs, and probably the default program on your new Windows machine for burning media) just released a new media creation and editing software called Creator 2011. Creator does all the things a traditional media editor should, like editing and burning videos to disc, creating copies of CDs and DVDs, and what have you. One thing that’s very new, however, and worthy of a whole writeup of its own, is the new 3D capabilities of the program.
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