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Celebrate Women’s History Month with Fiverr

by on February 29th, 2016

womens-history-monthHAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!

Doesn’t it seem like every day or month, now honors a different group of people or cause – check to see their latest creative expression of these things. I’m not mad about it – I love ‘celebrate your favorite ice cream day’ or ‘free pancake day’ but March is a little more important than that. March is the month to celebrate Women’s History Month. Valentine’s Day existing – makes every other day feasible so join me in celebrating the accomplishments of many extraordinary, yet often forgotten, women.

Women’s History Month runs from March 1st to March 31st and thankfully, I am not the only one that believes they are worth honoring, Fiverr also agrees women are worth showcasing and they’re planning on doing so March 3rd in New York City. For the first time ever (please correct me if I’m wrong), Fiverr is hosting an evening of celebration – a celebration for women in NYC – women that are artists and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in attending, check out their eventbrite . Please use ‘CUTEGEEK’ as the promo code to attend at a 50% discount. #winning

Women are a ’cause’ worth acknowledging and praising – a very worthy cause and Fiverr recognizes this and is hosting an incredible event to honor them. We (women) are expected to do so much, in addition to keeping mankind ‘alive’,so lets just kick back and enjoy being women. We’re expected to be pretty, kind, compassionate, intelligent, badasses…all the while earning a fraction of what their male counterparts earn – okay…I’ll end my rant there. Let’s pick the many hats we’re supposed to wear, and wear them proudly. On March 3rd, I’ll be wearing my MBA grad, Latina from NYC, 1st generation, coolest aunt, most energetic friend, and super geeky hat.

I can’t wait to meet ya’ll – please join me in supporting Fiverr and the many women worth honoring in our lives. I’ll be wearing red lipstick <3

***Fiverr is a service that allows people to get things done – with the help of a community of doers. Need a video edited in HD? Find it on Fiverr. Want a cool logo? Find it on Fiverr. Want a portrait of you as a cartoon? Find it on Fiverr. If you’d like to sign up to use Fiverr’s services (please do) and use ‘CUTEGEEK’ as a promo code. It’ll give you 20% off your order. I’ll be posting about my experience using Fiverr soon, so look out for that posting.

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New SXSW Guest Pass Events for 2016‏

by on February 25th, 2016

Guest pass SXSW

The suspense is killing me; SXSW please come sooner. I am super excited I got this email about them adding more events for the SXSW Guest Pass.

I lived in Austin a long time and before they had Guest Pass.  I think this is a great alternative for those who want to attend and be apart of SXSW with out paying the ridiculous amount of money for a SXSW Badge.

I recommend getting your free Guest Pass now at for access to the SXSW Outdoor Stage, Gaming Expo, Flatstock, and other Guest Pass events. Continue Reading…

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Announcing the Launch of Sending Cologne Wipes to Smelly Friends

by on February 22nd, 2016

smell packs

When I got the press release of for immediate release I thought it was a joke. Seriously this is hilarious but a true product. is a site where you can purchase cologne wipes to send anonymously with a note “Someone thinks you smell REAL BAD” to your stinky friends or family.

I am fortunate as all my friends don’t stink because they have great personal hygiene and if I sent this to one of them they would know it’s me. I did however run next to a person in Cross Country who ran at my same pace that smelt horrendous every day. It was unbearable; imagine running next to a stinky person for a 3 or 4 miles run. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and started running faster so I wouldn’t run next to her. Where were these wipes back when I was in high school?

How does it work? First go to the site and fill in all your information. Below is a picture showing you how it works when  you are ready to send a stink-a-gram to someone.


How do I buy the cologne wipes on On the top tool bar you will see “BUY” and that is how you get started sending cologne wipes. Please see below:

Buy Stink with arrow

I feel like I did my good deed to people who have stinky friends or family by introducing to everyone who reads cutegeek. Personally if I got one I would wonder who would do such a thing however it is also a great prank or April Fool joke. So if you get one from me it’s a joke…or is it?

May the force be with you on your quest to eliminate the stink from your smelly friend!

Official Press Release:

Miami, FL (Feb ​22, 2016) – Today marks the launch of (#myfriendsmells), a site allowing customers to anonymously send cologne wipes to friends with an attached note informing the recipient that they smell BAD! Released to great fanfare, capitalizes on a much underserved market niche: allowing the non-confrontational friends of smelly men and women to send either individual cologne wipes ($1.99) or even a 4 pack ($4.99) in the hopes of conquering bad BO, once and for all.


Both buyers AND recipients are cracking up, and smelling great in the process. The site boasts complete anonymity for the sender, which is a huge draw, not to mention offering inexpensive pricing and free US shipping. Of course, bad body odor is not limited to the US, and has responded to that lucrative market segment by offering international shipping for a small fee.

“Everyone has a stinky friend. A classmate, co-worker, boss, sibling or other stank suspect. Those days of smelliness are over – here is your chance to tell them what’s up” a spokesperson from explains, “what’s best is that we do the dirty work for you.” Based on early sales figures, it seems that most people have smelly friends and cannot wait to make them know it.  Representatives from the company acknowledge another potential key to their success: there may just be a whole lot of jokesters out there with a motive to embarrass their friends. The upside? A laugh, and well, the recipient smells good to go.


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SXSW 2016 Guide and Tips

by on February 19th, 2016

SXSW 2016

This year I will be attending SXSW in Austin, Texas for Interactive portion for the third year in a row. I grew up in Austin and have seen SXSW grow from a small event to now an EPIC international event. What better person to give you all a SXSW Guide and Pointers then an Austinite? Below is a guide and tips for your adventure to the great state of Texas for SXSW 2016.

How to get a SXSW Pass

First pick the badge (s) you want to attend including looking at the schedule so you do not miss out on SXSW If you would like to learn more about the schedules of each of Interactive, Film and Music events click here or if would like to purchase a badge click here.

Once registered and confirmed get the SXSocial app and SXSW GO app to connect with your friend attending and also set up your SXSW profile by logging in here.

Continue Reading…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

by on February 12th, 2016

It’s less than 2 days away from Valentine’s day and you still don’t have a gift or a good idea for a gift for that special someone. Don’t panic! Below is a list of cool gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or for any other special occasion if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.

Love Board

Velleman MK101 Flashing Led Sweetheart is for the true geek couple gift. The user installs the 28 brilliant red LED lights on to the heart-shaped circuit board and watch as they light up and flash. It is currently available on Amazon and is under $10.00 If you are an average Amazon user you may not get this till Monday however if you have Amazon Prime you should get it in time! This is so geeky I adore it!

Shine vday

If you have a healthy geek or your special someone likes working out Shine from Misfit has some great products. They have gift-ready box sets, bundles, accessories and are all 30% to 40% off through February 14th. I have been a huge fan of Shine since day one and have reviewed a few units. What I love about Shine is that it is cross functional by giving you more option to wear it besides just on your wrist.

Uncommon Goods

If you have a little more time than 2 days for your Valentine’s Day Date check out for unique gifts. I personally love celebrating NOT on the 14th when everyone and their momma is eating out. I have found this is trending as a lot of my friends do the same. So Uncommon Goods is a good option for the late celebrators plus they have some VERY unique Valentine’s Day gifts.


How many times is your special someone always running out of a charge on their smart phone? I know all the excuses (my phone is running out of a charge, I left my charger at home and yada yada) because I use to use them all the time until my new iPhone 6S and portable charger. Recently launched, the new Puku Light is a lightweight powerful portable charger featuring a 5000 mAh battery. The Puku Light is compatible with smartphones, tablets, mobile and hand-held USB-charged devices. The Puku Light is available in four different colors and comes with a two-year warranty that guarantees a defect-free, quality product.

Dudes gifts

I think this is the coolest idea for man gifts and not just for Valentine’s Day is Man Crates. Within the crate your man will find snacks, gadgets, gear and video games for men. They then ship them with a crowbar for him to open up his crate. I have never heard of a company with this unique of an option to open your gift but I think this is awesome. They have 24 hour shipping before noon. To learn more about the Man Crates or would like to shop the Man Crates site click here.

Of course if you’re a traditionalist and want to go with flowers or candy these three sites offer same day shipping: Shari’s Berries, Cookies by Design, or FTD.

I hope this helps you guys! If you need a Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide for your Valentine’s day date click here for my article on Hi-Tech Chic.

Everyone have a lovely Valentine’s weekend and happy early Presidents day!

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Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson Reunite For Silicon Valley Comic Con

by on February 3rd, 2016


I am very excited about the Silicon Valley Comic Con in March; it will have some amazing panels and also a special Back to the Future Reunion. If you are an 80’s baby like me then you would be epically excited that Michael J. Fox was confirmed today to be at the Back to the Future Reunion with Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson.

Back to the Future is timeless; so many great lines from that movie that are still used today! I remember my brother would not stop saying “Great Scott” after he saw the movie but all I remember is where do I get one of those Hover Boards and that jacket?

604Oddly recently announced DeLorean announced that it plans to turn out around 300 units of the DMC-12, beginning in 2017 starting under $100,000.00.

At last years SXSW I got to see one of the DeLorean replicas and I always wanted one till I saw it in person and realized it’s not as cool as it looked in the movie (what ever does?).

To check out the new DeLorean click here.

Other celebrities to attend Comic include: Jon Heder, Sean Astin, Stan Lee, and many many more!Comicon List

To see the full Press Release from Silicon Valley Comic Con see below. I hope to see all you fans there!

Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), Steve Wozniak’s pop culture and technology expo, today revealed that Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson will reunite for a must-attend panel, photo ops and special signings at a “Back to the Future” Premiere Event during the show. The inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con will be hosted at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA the weekend of March 18-20, 2016.

This will mark Michael J. Fox’s first appearance at a North American Comic Con. It will also be the first time Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson have appeared together for fan photo-ops at a comic con type event. The Back to the Future event will take place Saturday, March 19 and include a panel with Fox, Lloyd and Thompson.

“I wanted to be a part of Silicon Valley Comic Con because for me this show highlights what the Valley has meant to science, technology and innovation and encapsulates what Back To The Future is about and much of what seems to be such a strong bond for many fans of the film and why it still lives in their imaginations,” said Christopher Lloyd. “I am really looking forward to meeting the fans at Silicon Valley Comic Con.”

“If my calculations are correct, when Silicon Valley Comic Con hits full speed… you’re going to see some serious s**t,” said Steve Wozniak.

There is more for Back to the Future fans!

Spotlight on Back to the Future

Fresh off of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of “Back to the Future,” and just past the future date to which Marty traveled, join us as we celebrate the legacy of this great film franchise along with stars Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines). Tickets for this special event can be purchased here.

Back to the Future: Adventures in a DeLorean Time Machine

Join professional time travelers Terry and Oliver Holler as they take you BACK through their incredible journey, then inspire you forward TO THE FUTURE!  Witness their build process, enjoy a scenic whirlwind travelogue, and discover how they took life-threatening adversity and turned a passion toward a purpose. Terry and Oliver Holler hand-built their own DeLorean Time Machine, inspired by the film, ‘Back to the Future.’ They travel the world raising awareness and funding for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and promoting the official website

Back to the Future VIP Package Perks

Included within the Silver, Gold and Platinum VIP Back To The Future Experience will be an original animation art cel from the “Back To The Future” animated series that ran on CBS and FOX from 1992-93. Cels are provided by

DeLorean Photo Opp

On the show floor, the DeLorean Time Machine (as seen in the film “Back to the Future”) will be available for photo opportunities!

Stan Lee’s autograph and photo op times now on sale on the SVCC website. Additional fan opportunities around this event will be shared closer to the show.

A full list of SVCC panels can be found at

For the latest news and updates on additional panels, celebrity guests, exhibitors and events, follow @SVComicCon on Twitter.

To purchase tickets, visit and to become an exhibitor or for sponsorship opportunities, visit


Silicon Valley Comic Con celebrates the Age of the Geek by bringing together America’s two greatest superheroes: pop culture and technology. Featuring top celebrities, comics, independent artists, cosplay, video game creators, consumer electronics, music and apps, Silicon Valley Comic Con is where entertainment and our electronic worlds intersect. The inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con will be hosted at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA the weekend of March 18-20, 2016.

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Brilliant Women in Tech: Lauren (Natoli) Baptiste

by on February 1st, 2016

Lauren (Natoli) BaptisteHi CuteGeeks – remember me? 😉

It’s always a pleasure to showcase a brilliant woman that I personally know. I met Lauren in 2011, thanks to our corporate careers at Ernst & Young and our millennial desires to give back. She interviewed me to see if I was passionate enough to join an amazing cause and we later spent our time outside of work, investing it at an amazing edtech start up, The Future Project. I am not surprised to see the work that she’s currently doing, especially because of how our friendship has blossomed over the 4+ years. From partaking in intense workouts, attending empowerment conferences, or soaking up some sun in NYC – Lauren has been one of the best friends that I’ve made as an adult. She is a phenomenal woman that never seizes to amaze me. She’s compassionate, extremely intelligent, a holistic guru (in my opinion) and also a user/lover of technology. I couldn’t think of a better woman to showcase as we kick off 2016’s group of brilliant women in technology. Best of luck with your start up Lauren!

Enjoy the read everyone!
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