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Self-Defense Products for the Cutegeek

by on October 20th, 2014

A couple weeIzonks ago I was walking home at night; after telling a bum I have no money I began to be followed home. As I realized the situation I began to do my “cops with dogs” run home and quickly bolted the door. Though I moved to Austin vs. DT San Francisco I need to be aware of my surroundings; crime happens everywhere.

After that scare I went on an iPhone app and shopping spree of self-defense items and found a few items every lady should have. I also looked into video surveillance and realized I had it right in my back pocket…the izone 2.0 I was sent to review for the examiner!Send help

The izone WiFi camera features noise + motion alerts, mobile app controlled, free izon video playbacks, and secure real time video. It has a magnetic stand but also mountable so I now have the marvelous idea to mount it over my door to heighten security but one problem remains…the power cord (this is still out for debate)! I do absolutely love being able to view the real time video on my phone before knowing who is on the other side of the door.

There are two iPhone apps that I find mandatory for any lady for self-defense; My Panic Alarm and SEND HELP. With My Panic Alarm the user taps the alarm button and the iPhone will sound the alarm and also flashes colors on the iPhone screen to grab the attention of others. When using the SEND HELP app a user has one large button on their iPhone that send emergency SMS and emails during an emergency. Guard Dog

I bought a lip stick stun gun while I lived in San Francisco since I lived in an interesting neighborhood but in the move it got lost. In my amazon shopping spree frenzy I found the Guard Dog Security Electra Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun with 100-Lumen Flashlight in pink! The 100-Lumen flashlight is used to detour the attacker before utilizing the stun gun and also visible from yards away. There is no visible stun probes and the crackling sound of the Electra stun gun is very apparent to scare the attacker further. This product is available here for $24.17; I get my new one tomorrow!!

Though one would think a stun gun is enough to protect yourself there is always the chance of it being taken away from you by the attacker or you drop it. I recommend in your second hand carrying the one of the below items:Pepper

The Sabre Red compact police strength pepper spray is in a pink case (in honor of breast cancer awareness month) with the quick release key ring. The Sabre Red Pepper Spray has the max protection at 25 bursts or 10 x one second bursts. When buying this product you are also supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation; as of this year they have donated over 1 million in the fight. The Sabre Red Pepper Spray is currently available for $9.99 on amazon. Kitty guard

The Pink Metal Cat Personal Protection Self Defense Keychain Keyring is a ladies take on brass knuckles but for our personal protection (not to fight). This is perfect to have if you have a long walk in a parking lot or in general at night. There are plastic ones on the market but this metal one is legit. It’s on sale right now on amazon for $2.99.

If you don’t have an iPhone and want a personal siren/ alarm the SABRE Personal Alarm in Pink (in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation) is a 110 dB dual siren alarm which can be heard up to 300 feet – 100 meters. It’s the size of a memory stick and also a key chain for easy access to the alarm. The Sabre personal alarm in pink is available here and priced at $9.50 (don’t forget buying this product supports breast cancer).alarm

I know some of this may be over the top and I wouldn’t recommend going as over the top as I did but you never know when you may need one of these. Self-awareness is so important when you are alone especially at night and even in the safest neighborhoods. I use to wear my earbuds and listen to music at the loudest possible volume but now I keep the volume low so I can hear my surro undings. To all my cutegeeks I hope this makes you aware and also helps you find your own personal self-defense device or app.

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Can You Picture the New Face of Innovation?

by on October 5th, 2014

Latinas Think BigOver 300 can, and they came together or joined a national conversation via social media to talk about it last week.

On Friday, October 3rd, Google hosted an event at their headquarters called the Latinas Think Big Innovation Summit – a day jam packed with workshops and panels all tailored around the current and future state of Latinas in STEM. It was a bold move for Google, but also a very strategic one considering their recent backlash regarding their lack of diversity. This comes less than one month after announcing a 200k donation to Black Girls Code – in hopes of increasing their diverse pipeline of underrepresented girls. The biggest announcement, or news to me, came from Google with their new domain – .soy – which means “I am” in Spanish. Not sure how long that had been out for – but its a first for me.
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The Girl Affect Accelerator

by on October 2nd, 2014

The Nike Foundation and Unreasonable Group have teamed up to support ‘most powerful force for change on the planet: adolescent girls’. In November, the Girl Effect Accelerator is taking place for two weeks. This intensive program will begin in November and will bring together the most creative, innovative ideas that are aiming to benefit millions of girls in poverty.

The accelerator will bring together entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-in-residence, mentors, investors & many resources in hopes of scaling up the wonderful work already being done.

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Event: Latinas Think Big Innovation Summit at Google

by on October 2nd, 2014

Latinas Think Big 2Tune in tomorrow to watch an extraordinary event – the first in history – that examines the role of Latinas in STEM.  While registration is closed for the event, you can tune in live and still watch.

Here is the description of the event – taken from their website:

“The Latinas Think Big™ Innovation Summit, hosted at Google’s campus in Silicon Valley, sparks a national dialogue on the current state and future of Latinas in STEM careers, with an emphasis on technology and innovation.  This full-day event convenes a group of talented Latina innovators — along with a carefully vetted group of innovative  leaders, tech entrepreneurs and influencers — to connect, learn and elevate the conversation on  Latina innovation.  The Summit will educate, empower and engage its audience with plenary and breakout-sessions, keynote speakers, and high-caliber networking opportunities.

This exciting event culminates with the Latinas Think Big™ showcase and a Cocktail Evening Reception with live music.
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Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

by on October 2nd, 2014

photo 2 photo 1I received the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport and immediately I fell in love with this product. I’m an iPhone girl and always recommended others to get an iPhone because of its ease of use…till I had my first Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport experience.

When I unboxed the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport I was excited to see they sent me the Ruby color of the phone. As soon as I turned it on I was impressed. I love my iPhone 5s but the 5.1” full HD display on the Galaxy and the keyboard swipe are 5

I immediately began downloading Apps and customizing it with my Google, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Next I explored all the sports Apps especially S Health. While utilizing the S Health app the one feature I used almost daily is the heart rate monitor. It’s a pretty cool feature but if your finger isn’t in the right place you don’t get a read of your heart rate. Galaxy S5’s pedometer and S Health also keeps track of your condition, walking distance, calories, speed, and duration.

Another App that I was impressed was already loaded was the POLARIS Office 5 suite, which on an iPhone you have to pay $12.99 for. Recently I have been doing heavy slide work and use excel spreadsheets daily; I wish my iPhone had POLARIS Office 5. This app is also very handy for those like me that work remote or travel a lot.

The Galaxy S5 Sport has an IP67 certification which makes it resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and dust. It also reminds you if the charging port cover is open on the phone-vital for it to be resistant. I’m accident prone so this feature to me was the best! I’ve spilt an adult beverage on my iPhone and it hasn’t been the same since.

The Main/ Rear camera boasts a 16MP resolution while the front facing camera is 2.0MP (1920 x 1080, Wide-angle lens) and features HDR (Rich tone), Fast Auto Focus, and Selective Focus capabilities. I played around with the different camera features and made a video of my dog Chloe playing with her food. photo 3

There were two overly active alerts in my opinion: airplane mode and volume levels when plugging in headphones- I know I listen to music a tad loud but the alerts were just a tad unnecessary.

Similar to past Galaxy smart phones I’ve read about, the battery life is not like the iPhone. I can go two days without charging my iPhone but with the Galaxy if I don’t charge it nightly it’s dead. It does have the Ultra Power Saving Mode to save and extend your battery life, however I was confused on when it changes your screen to black and white and shuts down all apps and features. This may also be because I’m a Galaxy virgin.

All in all my Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport experience was great. After using an iPhone for 3 years I would consider migrating to a Galaxy S5 Sport. It was fun learning a new OS, learning about Apps and features that my little iPhone lacks. I am really sad I have to send it back but such is life!

The Galaxy S5 Sport is available through Sprint for $199.99 with a 2-yr service agreement. If you are over your iPhone I suggest trying out the Galaxy S5 Sport- you won’t be let down!

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